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Design your shirt

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By using our fabric codes, you can easily create and design your own garment. Use the ‘fabric code‘ field below and enter the code you’ve acquired. You can also use our LiveChat or at email us at if you have special requests for fabrics or qualities.

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Through our loyalty program you get kickback from your first order or when you perform other actions that benefits our community. Head to your account and see how you can fill up on Giallo coins.

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Got any questions or need any help? You are always welcome to book a free consultation.

1 review for Design your shirt

  1. Per Jens Collvin

    Har gjort flera skjortor via denna tjänst som har den rätta passformen för alla tillfällen. Jag gillar skarpt att man själv kan gå in och små justera sina mått mellan beställningarna för att få den ultimata skjortan!

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