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Cashmere socks off white

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Available for order - delivery between 28th May - 31st May (2-5 business days).

In order to complete an outfit you need to accessorize correctly, and no outfit is complete without a pair of proper socks! Our off-white cashmere socks are made with great care and detail in a small Italian atelier. The socks are ribbed and calf-long to ensure you stay stylish and comfortable whenever. When deciding on what socks to wear to any given outfit you need to be aware of what color to match. For example, an outfit consisting of a dark blue suit and brown shoes would ideally be paired with dark blue socks. This pair of off-white cashmere socks pair well with beige, grey, and brown. Preferably worn with a slightly lighter-colored shoe rather than darker. For those that want to feel the most comfortable whenever. Trust us, it makes all the difference! Also available in beige cashmere, black silk, and a series of merino options.

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