A classic, reinvented

Designed in Stockholm - custom made for you.

Look through history, adapt, upgrade.

The making of Tee one

You should know it by now..

Designed and developed with the same conscious, sustainable and quality focused mindset you’ve come to love from all of our Blugiallo clothing. Naturally, we sourced one of the finest supima cotton threads available and found (yet again) a small, family owned production just nearby the fabric supplier – this time in Portugal.

Our first edition

Your three color base

Tee one comes in three shades, designed to work as a base layering piece for a casual tailored look or your go-to loungewear look. Every piece is made to measure according to your unique measurements and preference. As an existing customer (with a measurement profile), we’ve already created your Tee one t-shirt profile, but you can also generate and edit it through our online process below.

Tee shirt one quickfire

If you are an existing customer, we’ve already created a t-shirt profile for you. But you can also create and adjust you t-shirt measurement profile here.

Our cotton is sourced, refined and produced in a small, family own production facility in Portugal.

Because it is a part of the Blugiallo DNA – to produce clothing with a conscious, sustainable mindset where customer needs and preferences are met and combined with our experience and design. It also creates a truly unique feel and value, to wear something completely made for you.