Tailor made suit

Blugiallo - skräddarsydda kläder för alla tillfällen

Tailor made suit for all occasions

Choosing a tailor made suit has many advantages but can be seen as increasingly unusual when mass production has taken over. But finding a mass-produced suit with exact measurements for your body, with your choice of fabric, with the desired cut and perhaps also with a pattern chosen by you is almost impossible. Each choice you make forms a garment that is better suited to a specific occasion or context and affects the degree of formality of the garment. There is really no right or wrong when it comes to a tailor made suit, the most important thing is that you create a garment that fits your style and the context in which the garment is to be worn.

A suit does not have to be a formal garment, when you can actually create a garment that suits most of your occasions in life. But regardless of whether you are looking for a garment that fits in the job, in festive contexts or in everyday life, you need knowledge about everything from fabric to cutting, color combination and pattern. To find the right garment for you, we help you with your choices in our showrooms in Stockholm and Borås. By taking your style preferences and your dimensions, we create with you a tailor made suit that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

You and your garment are in focus

There is a lot of work behind creating a perfectly tailored suit. Choosing to work personally and customer-centric through our showroom is an obvious choice for us. Especially when we want the garments you buy from us not only to be of the highest quality and lift your exterior, but also to reflect you and your personality. Everything from finding the perfect fit for the shoulders, back, waist and not least the pants to the sleeve length and seam between the shoulder and the sleeve to sit in the right place is a matter of course. But most of all our idea is about you and your wardrobe and then it is most important that we get to know who you are as a person and know your style preferences and what suits you. Because that is precisely why you choose to contact us, to find just the right garment for you.

We know that there are many decisions to make and that it can feel difficult at first. That is why we have equipped our showroom with everything from fabrics to garments and accessories. We think it is important that you have the opportunity to see and feel the fabric and to see other ready-made garments with patterns and cuts in place. It is also very important that we get a clear picture of your body type and have the opportunity to measure you correctly in order for the garment to really fit perfectly. After all, it is so that a tailor made suit is a garment that will take place in your wardrobe for many years to come and then every detail must feel just right.

Suits for different occasions

Something you can think about before we help you in one of our showrooms is at what time you mainly intend to use your new suit. If this is an occasion when you are often in motion and traveling then the fabric may need a little more stretch, do you intend to use the garment during the summer months then the fabric needs to breathe a little better and be slightly thinner and is it a more formal occasion as a wedding then we need keep this in mind for many of the choices we make together.

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