We meet the man at his beloved West Coast of Sweden, in Gothenburg. Beloved because it has been an integral part of his 35-65 year long life. 35-65 because we don’t speak in terms of actual age with Mr. Tilgman. Age is rather a span in which this man moves up and down on, depending on the occasion and dare we say, daily form.

This characteristic in one of many that makes his company fun and enjoyable. It also in-capsules his own style and way of dressing, which we got a chance to dig deeper into.

He greets us at his friends restaurant Wagner’s Bistro in Gothenburg. We start with a (wine) lunch, since his friend is not only a fantastic chef, but also an extraordinary sommelier. Gothenburg is very nice this summers day, but Mr. Tilgman has no plan of staying in the city..


Mr. Tilgman

Age: Anywhere between 25 to 65
Occupation: Wine & luxury goods fund manager
1st BLUGIALLO garment: Double breasted pinstripe suit
Passion: Everything that has beauty and soul.

The Place

Upon getting the question to participate in our very first BLUGIALLO Piccolo Portrait – Mr. Tilgman immediately invites us to his generational West Coast summer cottage. And this makes perfect sense to us. You can’t let Mr. Tilgman’s savage humor cloud the fact that he is a open, thoughtful, caring and naturally curious person.

He also insists we bring our mutual friend Paul. Who else is going to keep him company while we dig deeper into his mind and serve cold rosé and local crafted beer?

Piccolo Portrait 001 takes place at Rörö, just outside of Gothenburg. Let’s begin.

Curation, beauty and new items

From ’fine wine’ funds and vintage luxury goods to seafood in the family cottage. Curation is an integral part of Mr. Tilgmans life. What can be caught by the eye in his presence is never left without thought, which is very well exhibited in his coast side hideaway. ”I feel better that way” is his simple explanation. And who can argue.

From the moment we set foot in his country home, we can tell each item has it place and role to play. A well balanced harmony in order to make the Tilgmans summers effortless and serene.

No clothing purchase is actually new or spontaneous with Mr. Tilgman

The balance between old and new is another interesting discussion we have. Because no clothing purchase is actually new or spontaneous with Mr. Tilgman. Often, it has been in his head for a while Even his latest suit, a navy and dusty white seersucker suit, has been with him in his mind for a very, very long time. And when he explains the usage of this somewhat flamboyant choice of suiting, and when all things are considered (including what, wear and when he plans to wear it) – his choice of style felt as obvious as a navy blue suit.

”My choice of clothes isn’t necessarily influenced by something new I see on social media or in the papers. Take this suit for instance. It is a homage to a 1990’s Ralph Lauren commercial which I find particularly exquisite and happened to mention to my good friend. I never really thought about making one for myself until my friend gave me a few ideas on how to make it more contemporary. Luckily my friend also has this company called Blugiallo (laughs)”

Humour is another integral part of M. Tilgmans life. How else could he cope with putting an excessive amount of time and money on making things around him look beautiful.

Rörö, West Coast.

Beauty comes from the history, soul, process and care being put into something

”There’s a fundamental difference between beauty and price. Yes, beautiful things can often come with a high price, but to me, beauty doesn’t come from the price itself. It rather comes from the history, soul, process and care being put into it. Wether it is clothes, arts, wine or other things that makes life worth living. People need to learn and appreciate this, especially young people”.

 – “And when talking about clothes, high priced print designer logo t-shirt can never be beautiful. It is a waste of money and only show lack of interest and respect from its bearer”, Mr. Tilgman adds.

The Curiosities

When we talk about his profession in arts, vintage watches, or design, Mr. Tilgman has one strong, personal opinion.

“There has to be several layers and a certain structure and story to an object, in order for me to take interest in it. I’m not trying to sound pretentious. I am pretentious, because the opposite would mean anyone can make anything beautiful, which is clearly not the case. Storytelling is also vital to me, and it is something that makes things come to life. Perhaps that is a reason for my love of old things in general.”

This opinion is also partially applicable when it comes to clothing, although he prefers generational inheritance and the mix of old and new.

Confidence & personal style

We also touched on another important topic when it comes to individual style.

”Wearing your clothes or having your clothes wear you are to two very different things, Tilgman says and continues. For me, it is easy to see a person who is comfortable and confident in their choice of clothes and style. They behave natural, look good and their personality shows. The opposite happens when you force a style or clothes onto a person – they end up looking like a random, confused celebrity at the Met gala wearing a designer crocodile dinner jacket they barely know the name of. You don’t want to look like that, even if you are rich and famous and don’t have to care about it.”

You know yourself best and finding someone who know how to curate your wardrobe from that premise, is a must

Mr. Tilgman took the time to share som interesting thoughts on age and style, and how it naturally plays out for him.

”Certain things and expressions will come naturally with a certain age. Like when and where to wear a specific outfit. I’ve educated myself, and I have learned the difference between, let’s say – wearing a pinstripe suit at the age of twenty vs the age of fifty. But in general, I also believe there’s more room for interpretation and “rule breaking”, depending on the personality. A flamboyant personality will find it easy to wear just about anything. But most of us will not. You know yourself best and finding someone who know how to curate your wardrobe from that premise, is a must”

Mixing old with new, an integral part of Mr. Tilgmans life and wardrobe.

The next generation

Another interesting discussion we have is that of style and inheritance (or lack of) of it. He firmly believes the passing of stories, education and ‘know how’ is key to create a steady ground for personal character and style.

Style can be inherited, but never bought

“I think much of my own interest and care for personal style came in an early age. I was taught the importance of appearance, basic rules of style, and that there is nothing wrong with looking after yourself. Rather that it is an act of respect yourself and towards people around you. A bit old school to some perhaps, but still valid in my opinion. In this way, I think style can be inherited, but never bought.”

We also touched on the subject of individuality and the foundation for a personal expression.

“There are many forms of expression when it comes to clothing today, which I thoroughly enjoy watching. However, it is often those who have the means (money), but no interest, that end up looking the worst if you ask me. A 600 dollar suit can often look better on someone with a bit of know how and interest, than a 6000 dollar suit on someone that thought money could buy him style. Again, personal style to me, is about knowing yourself , what makes you happy, comfortable and feeling great – an being able cater to it visually.”


West Coast dining with Mr. Tilgman
Rörö nature reserve

That's all folks!

Tune in to Mr. Tilgmans playlist to stay in his world for just a bit longer.

From Rörö nature reserve, stay classy Blugiallo's and see you soon - Mr. Tilgman