How it works

Through an easy process, done in less than a minute, we calculate your ideal product fit by using 3D body scanning, your fit preference and our competence of tailoring. Online Tailoring is built on extensive studies and statistics, and is packaged with years of tailoring experience and offered to you, wherever you are, through your smartphone.

Step 1

The process starts with scanning your body and extract accurate body measurements. This is easily done through your smartphone and takes less than a minute to complete.

Step 2

The second step is for you to give us your desired fit preference in terms of Slim, Normal or Wide.

Step 3

When we have your body measurements and preferred fit, your product measurements are automatically calculated and we are ready to produce cloths according to your unique and personal fit.

Is Online Tailoring reliable?

Yes! Online Tailoring works upon an algorithm built on extensive studies and statistics to make sure that both the insights from solid customer data and our tailoring competence from thousands of measurements, taken by hand, are used when creating the best garment pattern for each customer. Added to this, every measurement created from Online Tailoring is analyzed and quality checked by our tailoring experts before entering production.

Is Online Tailoring equally qualitative as getting measured in showroom?

Yes! By using the algorithm of Online Tailoring when creating measurements, we make sure to remove the human factor and instead standardize learnings and insights we have built up during the years. When meeting our experts in a physical showroom, you are of course invited to address certain preferences verbally during the measuring process. But with this said, both showrooms and Online Tailoring is about providing our expertise to create the best possible fit for your body, which we are comfortably doing through both methods.

If you have questions on this topic, do not hesitate to reach our through chat, mail or phone call. We are happy to help!

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the delivered product using Online Tailoring?

For all new customers we invite you to book a virtual fitting with one of our experts. Similar to how it works in our showrooms, a virtual fitting gives us a chance to control delivered products while you try them on. All potential adjustments will then be noted and saved to your account for upcoming orders. Since we offer a fit warranty for first time customers, needed alterations on the delivered product will be covered by us. Read more about our fit warranty on Terms & Conditions.

Can I see and adjust measurements generated through Online Tailoring?

Yes, of course! From Online Tailoring we extract an extensive amount of measurements and the majority of these are providing positions, angles and balances, which are important for us when we create the product pattern. Though, on “My account” you are presented more generic measurements such as length and widths, which you can both oversee and adjust. Never hesitate to reach out through our chat, mail or by making an appointment online if you want to discuss certain measurements with us.