Luxury gifts he will love

We meet men that are getting something special for themselves every day. It's our area of expertise and we've made it our mission to never fail. Below you can see some of our selected gifts that we know will make him appreciative.

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A personal Giftcard with expert consultation

Gift cards is always a good fallback if you don't know exactly what he is missing in his wardrobe at the moment. Our gift cards comes wrapped in a nice gift box and of course you are more than welcome to schedule a digital consultation for him prior to giving him the gift.

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May we suggest a custom tailored shirt?

A shirt, but not just any shirt. Our shirts are custom tailored according to his measurement, unique style preferences and why not finish with a discrete monogram since the shirt is specially made just for him. Have a look at our formal shirts here, and if you think something more casual would fit him better you might prefer our contemporary shirts.

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Or perhaps a custom tailored suit?

The name says it all. A suit needs to fit well and this is why every suit should be custom tailored for the person wearing it. As with all our products we start by getting the body measurements of our client and then help him picking out the right fabric and design options that suits his style preferences. To make it easier on you we divided our suits into formal suits and contemporary suits.

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Let one of our experts help you

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We can help you with choosing the perfect gift or wrap our consultation as a gift - where we meet with him and help him pick out exactly what he wants. We don't just make custom tailored clothes, we also custom tailor our customer service to your needs.

We make custom tailored clothing for men and help them feel more confident by revolutionizing the way they dress. Our products are crafted to make you look and feel great. Yes, it's just that simple, yet so different. 

Our gift cards

You always wish your special one the best. If this is his first time getting a custom tailored experience from Blugiallo he will be presented with the opportunity to get a digital consultation where we help out with everything from getting his measurements to selecting custom tailored pieces that really fits his style preferences and occasion for wearing them. This means you are not just treating him with something that makes him look amazing but also with an experience he won’t forget. Of course you are welcome to contact us prior to buying any of our luxury gifts for him so we can customize the experience according to his unique preferences. Our gift cards are our most popular gifts. Your special one can choose exactly what he wants while he receives advice from his appointed personal shopper.

We make men smile!

From experience we’ve learned that a confident man is a man that more often has a smile on his face. Our products aren’t magical but the feeling of wearing them is, as they give a sole boost of confidence to the bearer. We don’t see ourselves as just another online fashion brand but rather as the pioneers that helps men dress their personalities, get more confident and ultimately be more happy.