Key piece – The Olive Green Cotton Suit

28 April, 2020

One of the spring wardrobe’s absolute key pieces is the cotton suit. In its character, it expresses casual elegance in a way that few other garments does. The matte surface of the cotton suit allows it to be matched with most types of fabrics. The suit’s possibilities for different types of combinations also make it possible to wear in most contexts during spring and summer.

Develop your wardrobe

Many suit wardrobes consist of a lot of blue and grey. If you are looking to broaden your selection, then the cotton suit is a perfect opportunity for this. One of our absolute favorites at Blugiallo is the olive green cotton suit. The olive green color is easily matched but at the same time it becomes a unique garment in the wardrobe. It is the earthy tones that are the red thread during the SS20 at Blugiallo and the olive green cotton suit is a perfect complement to this.

Olive green cotton suit weinås

The design of the cotton suit

In addition to fabric and color, the design influences the look of your Blugiallo suit. To get the most out of your cotton suit, we recommend an unlined jacket with a notch lapel and 2.5 buttons to give a casual impression. At the same time you get a jacket that works great to wear separately with, for example, a pair of washed denim or a pair of cotton pants in off white. The relaxed feel is enhanced by an unconstructed spalla camicia shoulder and rounded patch pockets.

spalla camicia cotton suit

For the trousers, side adjusters in brass are preferred. The brushed surface of the brass fits well with the matte expression of the cotton. Single pleats and a 5cm turn up contributes to a  sartorial impression. A great example of this is shown by Andreas Weinås below. As always, the best design is the one you are most comfortable with. There is neither right nor wrong when it comes to this, you should choose the design that you think is stylish to wear.

Combinations for the cotton suit

Cotton is a fabric that is nicely matched with most things. This means that the possibilities for combinations are many for your cotton suit. In the suit wardrobe, the cotton suit belongs to the more casual ones. Depending on what you wear to your cotton suit, it works in most contexts. Combine your olive green cotton suit with a white royal oxford shirt and a beige grenadine tie for a more formal outfit. If you want to create a casual feeling instead, you can wear the cotton suit together with our beige ribbed polo. Andreas shows examples of the different combinations below.

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