Editorial part 1 – Bellagio

15 October, 2019

October 2019, Lago di Como

Lake Como – a place that holds, among other things, dramatic views, northern Italian culture and stories of eccentric tourists. In our search for inspiration and elegance we got to experience everything mentioned above and a little more. The tours between the villages of Menaggio, Bellagio, Tremezzo and Varenna offered, among other things, a two-hundred-year-old wine bar, timeless luxury and the history of a church from the 13th century – today a family-run restaurant run by three fantastic sisters and with more than a good story inside the walls. In Part 1, we visit the peninsula with the same name as one of Vegas’s most famous casinos.


The Como region is perhaps the most well-known place, idyllically situated on a peninsula with the Alps as a foundation wall and a history that stretches back far before Roman times. The combination of the surroundings – the medieval architecture with cozy small roads and alleys to grand gardens with grand Villa’s makes the place a perfect day trip.

Comosjön Blugiallo

flanellkostym Blugiallo

Cava Turacciolo

Cava Turacciolo is located in a narrow alley in central Bellagio, a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal. Step into the medieval stone floors and set yourself up by the massive wooden blocks to the table and you realize you can be sitting for a few hours. If you have the opportunity to throw in a few well-chosen phrases in Italian, you will get the owner of this family-run wine bar Francesco’s attention.

Whether your wine experiences are limited or at Robert Parker level, Cava Turacciolo is worth a visit. You can even get a bar without anyone looking at you obliquely (which we of course, our photographer Tobias liked). If you want to read more about Cava Turacciolo, you can always check out their website – created and updated sometime in the 90’s which only makes the place more lovely in our book.

Cava Turacciolo Belaggio

vinbar Cava Turacciolo Belaggio

Blugiallo vinbar

Bellagio in three steps

  • Walk in Villa Melzi. Botanical paradise and perhaps one of Italy’s most beautiful, privately owned gardens.
  • Pit stop at Cava Turacciolo wine bar. Due bicchieri di Sfurzato in favor.
  • Dinner at Mistral. The first letter for those who want to throw on your double breasted chalk stripe suit. White tablecloths, magical views and a star in the tire manufacturer book. Dinner at Darsene di Loppia. Offers a simpler alternative where it is likely that you will spend the evening with a majority of Italian parties. Good ingredients, dishes you understand in a cozy location in a marina.

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Business casual grå

Byxa i borstad ull

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