Welcome to our community of sustainable likeminds

Is sustainable fashion really possible?

Our idea is simple and at the same time the most important one in the fashion industry today – on-demand production. If you don’t order the garment, we don’t produce it. Simple as that.

Thank you for choosing the only true sustainable fashion there is.

Our sustainability vision

Sustainable fashion is the only way to go forward. We at Blugiallo are determined to reduce our impact on the environment and make a sustainable future possible. The number of garments going to landfill each year is staggering and definitely something we are ready to challenge.

Blugiallo was founded with the idea of keeping the fashion industry alive but make it better and more sustainable for everyone through tailor-made garments. By developing unique garments for every client, one piece at a time, we’ll make sure your wardrobe will be updated with garments based on your personal needs and preferences.


Garment care

How to take care of your clothes

Your Blugiallo garment is not just a piece of clothing, it’s a work of art. Proper care plays a critical role in preserving and extending the lifetime of your garment and we’ve created a list with our best tips for you.

  • Wash
    Try to wash your garments only when needed. Often it’s enough to hang it outside and let it breathe for a few hours.
  • Variations
    Vary your garments and let each piece rest for a couple of days before the next use.
  • Treat stains
    It’s important to choose the best suitable detergent for the actual stain you’re trying to remove.
  • Green products
    Use green, eco-friendly products. A better solution both for your garments and the environment. Did you know that liquid detergent is more gentle than powder detergent to both fabrics and the environment?
  • Dry cleaning
    Our recommendation is to keep the dry cleaning to a minimum. The dry cleaning process can damage the fabric’s fibers and make your garment more fragile.
  • Steaming & ironing
    Steam your garment to refresh it and remove wrinkles.
  • Storage
    Different garments need different types of storage. Most of our products needs a proper hanger while all knitwear should be folded.

Comfort meets technical excellence

Zero waste collection

Our collection of knitwear is a Zero Waste production made of innovative 3D knitting techniques. Instead of making the clothes piece by piece by cutting out the back, front and sleeves separately which inevitably means some waste, the garments are now created with a cutting edge 3D knitting technology in one single piece. This means more energy-efficient production and zero waste.