30 November 2021

Get to know corduroy

28 October 2021

Proper garment care

Clothing care does not have to steal your time. With small effort you can significantly increase the life of the garments and make sure they stay fresh and do not lose the fit over time.
18 September 2021

Shirt Jacket – the modern classic done our way

The buzz around the shirt jacket has been emerging more and more lately, and it’s not for nothing. Due to its versatility and for its stylish yet relaxed look and feel, it has become a go to for many, all year around.  Layering is an essential part of dressing during transeasonal periods like fall and spring. The shirt jacket is […]
17 September 2021

The Soft Jacket – a contemporary staple

In a world where the need for tailoring is changing rapidly, there is no choice but to change with it – evolve, design, develop and create. Our latest edition to the casually tailored wardrobe is perhaps the best example of this change. As luxurious as it is comfortable, we’re proud to introduce our very first […]
17 September 2021

Wedding suit guide

Whether it’s your own, or if you are an attendee, weddings are the perfect time to try Blugiallo. We have put together what we think is the most important to consider before choosing what to wear – enjoy!
01 September 2021

Flanell – A Fall favorite

Autumn favorites can be difficult to choose. The season inspires both wonderful clothing choices and long dinners in the company of good friends. If we choose to focus on clothing choices, autumn means thicker fabric qualities and the opportunity to combine several layers.
27 April 2021

Guide – High Twist Wool

You might have heard about our ‘Traveller suits” or perhaps our newly introduced selection of “Fresco”. But what exactly is it that makes these fabrics so special when put into creation of a suit, jacket or trouser?
25 December 2020

Guide – The Tuxedo

It is said that one of the first tuxedo jackets made was ordered in 1865 by Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Emperor of India. The purpose? A jacket to relax in before dinner and after their royal duties, of course. The garment is then said to have traveled through one of the king’s […]
20 December 2020

Guide- Fall/winter in Soft Tailoring

Blugiallo’s DNA and our own stylistic interpretation of garments in soft material with a lot of structure, we call ‘Soft Tailoring’. Probably the best example is our unpainted and unconstructed jackets that are synonymous with contemporary luxury – uncompromising quality combined with a modern style interpretation.
15 September 2020

Back to office

This past year, we’ve all encountered challenges, may they’ve been small or of a larger scale. Your wardrobe may not have been the top priority, but in fact for a lot of our customer, it has given them the opportunity to shift their clothing priorities, towards and more sustainable, thought through wardrobe. We take pride in helping […]