Sometimes even the best customer service needs a break. So for the times when we are not there to answer your questions in person we gathered some of the most common questions here. If you can’t find an answer for your question just send us a message through our chat and we will get back to you as soon as we come online again.

We offer you to schedule an appointment for both acquiring your measurements as well as for consultation on orders and fittings (for first time customers). This can be done both online and physically via our showrooms. You can easily choose your service of interest in our booking system found here.

If you have questions or concerns regarding fabric and/or design for your future garment, you are welcome to book a consultation time. You can use the link above to schedule an appointment (online or to our showroom). This can be done regardless of wether you are a customer or not.

To be able to offer you the highest level of service, all our showroom visits are scheduled appointments. By booking an appointment, we ensure that one of our tailoring experts set aside time to be able to answer your thoughts and questions.

We fully understand that there may be things that cause you to rebook your appointment at Blugiallo. In the email you received confirming your booking, there is a link where you can rebook or cancel your appointment. To make it easier for us and not to block times for others who want to visit Blugiallo, we want this to happen well in advance of the booked time.

Of course, it is possible to bring a friend or partner to your booked time. Sometimes it can be nice to get someone else’s opinion when you order your garment. If your friend also wants to be measured, he needs to book his own appointment if you have not agreed on something else with us.

The normal delivery time for all of our garments is 5-6 weeks from when the order is completed (checked out). This takes in to account our process of production, handling, quality-check and delivery to you.

The garments are usually delivered to your home adress (or local postal office) depending on the usual procedure of your country or region. You can also choose “pick up at showroom” or “delivery to company adress” if that is more convenient for you.

The freight cost is automatically calculated depending on the adress (region) where your order is placed from. The cost is the actual cost (not a penny more) for us to send you the garments. Individual packaging, re-finishing, hangers and everything else that goes in to our delivery process are a part of our service and separate from your freight cost.

When your order has been delivered to one of our showrooms it is time for you to schedule a fitting or pick up. If it is your first order from us, or a new type of garment, we recommend you book a fitting. If you have ordered from us before, you can just book a pick up since a fitting will not be necessary. Book your fitting and pick up here.

If it is your first order from us, or a new type of garment, we recommend you to book an online fitting. If you have ordered from us before, you normally try the garment yourself first, and book an online fitting if you have any questions around the fit.

One of our tailoring experts go through the fit that you we’ve created together. Normally, the garments are ready to be worn straight away but if they would require a small adjustments, we will help you specify what changes to make. The garment can then be altered at our in-house tailor or a local tailor of your choice. For more info on our fit guarantee – click here.

Once you have picked up your Blugiallo garment (and after eventual fitting), and you’re happy with the fit, Blugiallo is no longer responsible for any adjustments. If your body or preferences in style change over time we are happy to help with consultation about what adjustments can or need to be made. However, we do not bear the cost of these. If you want to adjust your measurement profile before your next purchase, we are of course happy to help with this.

The easiest way of making a small change to your fit, is to go to “My account”. There, your measurements are displayed and can easily be changed prior to making an order. If you feel uncertain, you can also ask one of our experts for advise – we’re available through both e-mail, phone or livechat.

Our philosophy is to produce garments that last a long time. By creating an individual measurement profile, we can meet your preferences regarding both style and fit. If you take care of your garment by varying, and letting the garment rest after use, you will be able to enjoy the garment for several years to come.

We always make individual assessments based on each case. If you have only worn your garment a few times and feel that seams have come loose, it can be a production error. If you have frequently worn the same garment for a period, it wears out faster for natural reasons. Our recommendation is to let the garment rest for at least a couple of days between usage.

Tear usually occurs in areas around the crotch seam, elbows, cuffs, and collars. These areas are exposed to friction in the form of movement daily and are naturally easier to be exposed to wear and tear. If you know that you use the same trousers several times a week, we recommend, for example, adding an extra pair of trousers when buying a suit. The fit is also important if you want your clothes to last longer. A too narrow fit will naturally wear faster than one with a bit of width added (especially in sensitive places such as crotch or thigh area).

By varying which garments you use and perhaps most importantly letting the garments rest between usage, you will increase the lifespan of the garment significantly. Always hanging the suit, jacket or trousers on a proper hanger is a good start.

Our recommendation is to leave the garment to your local tailor to see if it is possible to fix. Blugiallo do not take responsibility for tailoring costs that is caused by accident or negligence but we are happy to help you and do what we can to save the garment from disposal.

Our recommendation is to keep dry cleaning to a minimum. The dry-cleaning process can damage the fabric’s fibers and make your garment more fragile. As an example, dry cleaning can wash away the natural moisture from a fine wool weave, making it more sensitive to usage. Only dry clean when your garment has visible stains, air the clothes to freshen them up and to get rid of odors. We recommend low temperatures for garments that can be machine washed. Note that the measurements can be affected during machine washing, wash gently. All of our products also have separate care instructions that we advise you to read.