Blugiallo pop-up event

Our pop-up events are a great way to experience Blugiallo in person for the first time, or as an existing customer if you want to upgrade your wardrobe. Together with our style advisors, we’ll create your unique Blugiallo measurements and run through your needs and preferences as well as choose fabric and design in order to create your next Blugiallo garments.

Our events can also cater to private groups or companies. If you have any ideas or special requests, please reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to arrange what you need.

Upcoming events

So what happens at our Pop-up events?

Even though we at Blugiallo, as a lot of others, do more business online than ever before - we love meeting people. Specially people that needs help with their wardrobe. At our events we get a chance to spend extra time with our favorite people, you - our clients.

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Book your time slot for the event

To give us an opportunity of meeting you, and hopefully helping you with your future wardrobe, you start by booking a time slot at the specific event you wanna meet us at. Since we have a reserved amount of slots per event be sure to book a time you know fits you as well as a Blugiallo suit would.

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Getting to know you

Your style preferences are almost always unique. That is why we love taking our time to get to know you. The more we know about you the more precise we can be in our recommendations in terms of garments, and further on the design of the garments. So excuse us for sometimes asking more than a few questions too many. They all share the purpose of presenting you with the right products. If it's your first time with us at Blugiallo we also help you setting up an account at our site.

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Getting measured

Maybe we already have your measurements? Then this step might be unnecessary and we will use the time to talk even more about future additions to your wardrobe instead. If not, then we will go through our measuring process, measuring certain points of your body. Every point is later carefully taking into consideration when we custom tailor your garments.

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Let's find some new gems for your wardrobe

This is probably the best part of the entire process, except for meeting you of course. It's time for us to find the missing pieces in your wardrobe. We'll put your personal touches on the design of each of the garments and choose a fabric quality that not only looks and feels great but also fits the occasion and use of each garment. We will listen in on every answer you have given to our questions and also of course come with our own recommendations.