Tuxedo shirts

Tuxedo shirts

There are shirts for everyday use, and then there are shirts designated for the special moments in life. A crisp white tuxedo shirt definitely belongs to the latter. Weddings, New Year’s Eve or a dinner with close friends all get extra special when wearing a custom made tuxedo accompanied by a well fitted shirt. Below we will inspire and educate about some things that is important to keep in mind when choosing the right shirt.


The first decision to make is which fabric to go for. Due to the contexts where a tuxedo shirt is worn, we have narrowed it down to two different types of formal weaves: poplin and fine twill.
They are of course, made out of 100% of the finest cotton. Both are great options for a tuxedo shirt and whether you prefer one over another is primarily a matter of taste.

  • Poplin is a dense weave that creates a shirt with a smooth and soft surface, without texture. It creates a crisp feeling when wearing it and is therefore perfect for formal shirts. The poplin weave gives a light and cool, yet strong and durable shirt with beautiful drape. If you are looking for a clean and formal shirt, poplin is the one to go for.
  • The twill weave is a true classic when it comes to formal shirts. The fine diagonal structure creates a nice luster suited for both business- and tuxedo shirts. The shirt has the perfect balance between texture and luster, and it feels softer to wear than a poplin. A twill shirt is easy to maintain and will keep you crisp all day.

Collar & cuffs

The main design option for your tuxedo shirt is the choice of collar. As always, your preferences should lead your decision. The Blugiallo favorite for tuxedo shirts is the Kent collar. Thanks to the large size of the collar and the narrow spread it is perfect to wear with a bow tie. It will easily rest underneath the lapels of the jacket, and the bow tie will cover a decent amount of the collar.

If you feel that the Kent collar is a bit too bold a safer card to play is the semi-cutaway collar. This is a classic choice where you cannot go wrong. Some people like to wear a so-called wing tip collar for their tuxedo shirt. We do not really like to talk about rights and wrongs, but in our opinion that is a collar that belongs to a white tie dress code.

When it comes to the cuffs of the tuxedo shirt, we will make the choice easy. Unless your surname is Kennedy, your tuxedo shirts should always have double cuffs without exceptions. This also gives you the opportunity to add some details with your inherited cufflinks.


There are different options when it comes to the front of the tuxedo shirt. You can go with a hidden placket, clean front with studs or a piquet front with studs. All options are correct if the dress code is “Black tie”. The cleanest choice is the hidden placket where you will let the full look speak for itself without adding too many details. The other two options will give you room to add a personal touch to the outfit. If you have shirt studs that you want to use with your tuxedo, one of these two are the ones to go for.

How to wear your tuxedo shirt

A tuxedo shirt is worn, without exceptions, when the dress code is “Black tie”. It is always combined with a tuxedo and bow tie (black or midnight blue depending on the color of your tux). It is a shirt that is designated for festivities and therefor the tuxedo shirt must look crisp and be perfectly ironed. Let us leave the cummerbund and colorful bow ties at the American proms.

Black tie might be the only outfit that only is connected to happy times. Therefor we advise you to pour a nice drink, take some time to iron your tuxedo shirt, and prepare to enjoy a wonderful evening while looking your absolute best.