Elevate your style with BLUGIALLO's collection of overshirts. These versatile pieces seamlessly bridge the gap between outerwear and shirt, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. From rugged textures to refined designs, our overshirts are crafted to complement your casual and smart-casual looks.

Men's overshirt

The men’s Overshirt is a garment that is constantly recurring. You have probably seen tons of them but perhaps even without noticing because it is a subtle yet fantastic piece of clothing. It works well both at the office and at a casual dinner, and perhaps you already have one, or are at least thinking about getting one.
The Overshirt is really taking the clothing scene by storm and here at Blugiallo love it. It is super easy to combine with other garments and comes in a limitless number of variations when it comes to fabric and colors. What about a corduroy overshirt, or a classic flannel overshirt?

What is an overshirt?

The overshirt might, in some cases, be confused with a shirt jacket but the fact is that they are two different garments. They are, of course, relatively similar on some levels but there are some things that clearly sets them apart. When talking about an overshirt we are referring to a classic shirt, meaning that it is made in a shirt fabric and is therefore slightly thinner than a shirt jacket. The men’s overshirt has the same type of basic design as a normal shirt, a button placket all the way on the upper body combined with a classic shirt button.
It also has a shirt collar that is usually designed as a one-piece collar or hidden button-down and the cuffs are identical to a classic shirt. The main thing that distinguishes a regular shirt from an overshirt is the cut at the bottom. We always choose to put a straight hem to achieve a more casual approach.

As previously mentioned we often combine the overshirt with classic shirt buttons, but there are of course options for this. You can choose to have a slightly larger button or in some cases, snap buttons. It’s a great way to experiment with the level of the casualness of the garment. And not to forget your personal preferences.

The main characteristic for the overshirt is the chest pockets. We always choose double chest pockets with a flap. It will contribute to the outerwear feel of the garment since it’s a great second layer for slightly warmer days but works just as well indoors. It is also a very nice detail that highlights the garment’s casual approach in a good way.

How should an overshirt fit?

Just as for any of our garments the overshirt is also made to measure. Once we have your measurements, whether they are taken in our showroom or created online, we have everything we need to be able to create every piece of clothing in our range.
This means that you can easily order any garment without having to worry about your measurements. We will adjust your personal fit profile and make it work for any garment. Of course, we value your preferences very highly, so if you have any specific wishes regarding how you want it to fit, we will of course always take that into account.

When it comes to an overshirt, we use your shirt profile to create it. However, we choose to make some adjustments to make it as optimal as possible. An overshirt should always have a more generous fit than a traditional shirt. The reason for this is so that you can more easily build some layers underneath, but above all achieve a more relaxed and casual look.

The length is something that we choose to focus a little extra on when it comes to the overshirt. Seen from the perspective of a traditional shirt, it is always advantageous to have it slightly longer as you always tuck it into the trousers. But the basic idea with an overshirt is that it should be very casual. It is therefore recommended to (almost) always wear your it untucked. When doing this you don’t want the shirt to be too long so we always choose to make the it slightly shorter than a traditional formal shirt.

How should I style my overshirt?

Despite the fact that an overshirt is a very casual garment, it is incredibly easy to combine with many different outfits. Highlighting its casual approach is never wrong and you can easily wear it together with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt underneath. Feel free to put a brown suede belt on your jeans and wear a pair of brown penny loafers on your feet. By not tucking it in you get a very nice and casual look. Absolutely perfect to wear on a weekend if you’re going to have lunch in town.

If you want to achieve a slightly more dressed-up look, it is recommended that you choose to build a few more layers for your outfit. A great way of doing this is to put a white T-shirt underneath, put on a flannel suit and actually dare to tuck the overshirt into the trousers this time. Feel free to unbutton the top four buttons of the shirt and let the T-shirt show and throw on a pair of black penny loafers. Through this combination, you have achieved a very casual elegance that works at work or in the restaurant.

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