BLUGIALLO jeans are an integral part of our timeless, casual luxury aesthetic. It is an homage to quality and craftsmanship, sourced and produced in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It is a zero compromise, custom made product, produced from the best denim fabrics available.

Custom tailored denim jeans

Few fabrics have the same heritage and history as denim. The denim jeans may also be the garment that has managed to defy history best. Why do we love the classic denim fabric so much? It may be due to the properties of the classic fabric such as the wear resistance. Another theory is the simplicity of matching the matte fabric and the fact that a pair of denim jeans only gets better with time. For us, denim has an obvious place in every wardrobe. That is why we are also extremely proud of the craftsmanship and passion that lies behind a pair of custom tailored jeans from Blugiallo.


Perfectly fitting jeans

Jeans are perhaps one of the absolute most used garments that many have in their wardrobe. At the same time, many have trouble finding a model and fit without compromise. In many cases it can be difficult to find jeans that fit well with a slightly more dressed wardrobe. One example is the difficulty that many people experience wearing jeans with a shirt and a jacket.

For us, jeans have an obvious place even in a well-tailored wardrobe. Because we custom tailor all our garments, we can also custom tailor a pair of denim based on each customer’s conditions and what they prefer in terms of style and fit.


Denim Jeans

For our denim jeans, we work with fabrics that come from some of the world’s leading weavers such as Kuroki and Candiani. A pair of Blugiallo custom tailored denim jeans is produced in Veneto, Italy where they have been manufacturing high quality jeans for over a hundred years.

When it comes to the type of denim, we usually distinguish between two categories, unwashed raw denim quality (raw denim) and washed denim with stretch. Both qualities require a great deal of craftsmanship, but the main difference is that raw denim is often associated with a slightly stiffer, rigid feeling. Washed denim jeans, often with a little stretch, gives a softer and more flexible fit. Both qualities have their charm and clear characteristics. Both are also great for matching with a variety of garments and styles. If you want to wear jeans to a slightly more tailored style, however, we usually emphasize a few things.

  • Remember to give the fit a little more volume than the general slim fit denim. A jacket should never sit too tight and if you want to wear jeans with a jacket, the denim should follow the same type of cut.
  • Higher waist. A higher waist generally gives a better and a more comfortable fit – especially on a fitted trouser. But even on a pair of jeans, a slightly higher waist can give a nicer silhouette and a fit that is good for tailored garments.