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Custom tailored jackets

Our custom tailored jackets are garments that comes in a variety of shapes and forms. But we always make sure to not compromise with the fit. The jacket, also known as the Sports jacket- which synonymously for a jacket in vacant fabric. Regardless of whether there is a dress code blazer on the invitation or dressing a strange blazer, it can be good to know the difference. That dress code jacket always means suit and dress code odd jacket means like a says, jacket with broken trousers. We at Blugiallo offer many different qualities ranging from cotton blazer, flannel jacket to a classic hopsack.

Choose fabric of jacket

The fabric has a great impact on the formality of the jacket, we usually divide fabric by garment. This is to make it easy for you as a customer to make a good choice. For an odd jacket that is supposed to wear to most pants and shirts, a basic rule is to always try to find a fabric that also matches the other garments. Most often, this is most easily combined with a fabric quality that has structure in itself. As an example, a tweed jacket has a generally coarser structure and is a more informal fabric. It is often suitable as a jacket for jeans, but may be considered as a good choice for a formal invite. A linen jacket is the perfect alternative when invited to a summer party!

Design choices that set the style

A design option that affect the formality of the jacket is if it’s is single button, or double breasted jacket. We would not say that there are any guidelines in the options, but this depends entirely on what you prefer to wear. Unconstructed jacket is something that we at Blugiallo are happy to advocate and work with a lot, the design comes partly as a shoulder construction which refers to the lack of structure and padding of the shoulder. The construction also occurs on the front of the chest and lapels, which usually have a structure in the form of canvas and interlining, giving the jacket a solid shape. The result gives you a flexible and comfortable casual jacket. We like to work with this casual feeling together with our concept Soft tailoring.

Personalized clothing

With us at Blugiallo you always put your personal touch on the garment, although in some cases we can advocate a navy blazer with classic design choices for wide use. But basically it is always the details of the fit that really determine the garment as a whole, with a tailor made jacket we adapt a perfect fit designed for you as a customer. For tips and advice on how to best take care of your clothes in your wardrobe, we have written a guide worth reading, enjoyable reading!