Car coats

Explore BLUGIALLO's interpretation of the classic Car Coat—a timeless piece that transcends trends and embraces enduring style. Our Car Coat collection is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, meticulously designed to complement the contemporary wardrobe. Crafted with precision, our Car Coats feature exclusive fabrics chosen for their longevity and luxurious feel. From the thoughtful design to the generous silhouette, each piece embodies the essence of sophistication and functionality.

Custom tailored car coats

Men’s made to mesure car coat

All our garments are made to measure, so even our outerwear, including the car coat. Its versatility has made it popular and it is today seen as a hybrid between a casual and formal coat.  It is produced with great attention to detail and quality and is what we believe, a fantastic piece to add to your wardrobe. 

What is the definition of a car coat? 

Even though the car coat has been around for a long time the development of fabrics has improved the use of the men’s car coat significantly in recent years. The car coat was first developed in the early 20th century and was a part of the growing car industry. The garment was created to protect the driver from wind and rain since the early cars often lacked a roof. And if you had a car coat you either had a car yourself or knew somebody who did which made the car coat somewhat of a status symbol. 

The design today has been refined and has a more straight fit and tailored sleeves, in comparison to the first edition which was very long and had wide cuffs. The materials used before were often heavy such as tweed and fur. Now we have technical fabrics which make the car coat for men light and suitable for almost any season. 

The construction and design of the car coat

Our car coats are unconstructed which makes them very comfortable to wear and they also has a removable inner lining for versatile use. The outer fabric is created from a high-tech, breathable, and water-resistant fabric and the inner lining is made from sustainable ’down’. 

In our opinion, the perfect men’s car coat ends just below the knee, both from an aesthetic point of view but also a practical point of view. With this length, you will get the right balance and proportions regardless of your own height and it will also protect you from rain and cold winds. 

The men’s car coat should never be tight even though the silhouette of today’s coats is slimmer than before. It should have a natural drape over your body and for a purly aesthetic perspective, we prefer a more generous cut. 

The men’s car coat is characterized by the 5 button-closure and you can choose to have visible or hidden buttons. It gives the coat its minimalistic and stylish expression. To add to the classic look the design also comes with a generous size welt pocket. 

For a classic look, it is always a good idea to go for a beige or navy car coat. The first thing we recommend you to consider is how the car coat fit in with your existing wardrobe garments. If you often wear denim and tend to go for the blue, grey and black color scheme the navy car coat is the perfect choice. We would instead opt for the beige car coat if you instead often find yourself with a wardrobe in earthy tones such as beige, white and brown. 

But regardless of what color you choose the car coat with its minimal and classic expression is easily combined and works well for both casual and formal outfits. 

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