Step 1

Book an appointment

As a first-time customer, step 1 is to get your measurements in place. You can use our online tailoring tool (launching soon) or book an appointment to take your measurements at our showrooms. Use the link below to get started.

Book an appointment
Step 2

Shop online

Your measurements and preferences are saved to your personal Blugiallo account, so that you always have access to our comfortable and personalized online tailoring service. With the help from our tailoring team, you can enjoy our quality garments and accessories digitally – personalized and tailored to fit your needs and preferences.

Enjoy 21st Century Tailoring


Quality, fit and service

When producing a made to measure garment, quality is of great importance. We work with the world’s leading weavers and our products are produced in accordance with all the traditions and regulations of the Italian tailoring craftsmanship. This combination enables us to offer you as the customer the very best in terms of product quality.

A Blugiallo garment is always produced according to each customers own individual needs and preferences. To us, the shifting trends of the fashion industry (color, shape and cut) are less important. We produce garments that are tailored and designed to fit you. Therefore, your own preferences, needs and lifestyle is what matters to us.

Our unique service and passion for tailored clothing sums up our concept. Our tailoring team strives from the opportunity to help our customers build and maintain a more qualitative, personal and sustainable wardrobe.

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21st century tailoring

We believe in a future where sustainability, individual needs, preferences and personal service are the focus of our clothing choices. Our vision “21st Century Tailoring” is our way of promising ourselves and our customers, to always work towards the goal of uniting traditional craftsmanship with a modern and digital customer experience. The differences between a ready-made garment (ready to wear) and one that tailored to your needs and preferences (made to measure) has to be experienced in order to fully grasp the difference in quality and service.