Blugiallo Essentials made to measure shirt green melange cotton piquet

Green cotton piquet shirt with buttons in mother of pearl. The soft, high quality cotton material gives the shirt a natural stretch which adds to the comfort. The shirt's textured fabric allows you to easily combine it with a variety of garments in your wardrobe. We recommend wearing the shirt both on casual occasions and in line with casual tailoring, such as a jacket and a pair of cotton trousers. The fabric from Albiate is a slightly thinner cotton quality (125gr/m), which makes the shirt perfect for spring and summer. Our Essential collection is best described as your ‘go to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

Fabric quality Linen 195-200g
Delivery time 5-6 weeks
Fabric code Knit025


The garment has a very wide and versatile characteristics which makes it perfect as a part of the basic wardrobe.


The garment consists of one of our most durable weaves.


Natural stretch

The weave type has properties that create a soft and flexible stretch feel in the garment.

Spring/Summer garments

The garment and its properties are optimally suitable for the spring and summer months.

Design options
Please choose your design

Double hook
Double hook slanted
Double round
Single hook
Single round
3.2cm (low)
4.0cm (standard)
4.8cm (high)
Button down
Hidden button down
Semi cutaway
Centre left
Inside collar
Right cuff
Left cuff
Dark blue
Light blue
Dark brown

Matching pocket square


Handsewn construction



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