Blugiallo Essentials made to measure white shirt pack 3-pack

Our white 3-pack with three selected top sellers, which forms a good basis for the perfect shirt wardrobe. Fabric from world-renowned Italian shirt weaver Thomas Mason. Two-fold (double-woven) quality cotton which is standard for all of our shirts and buttons in mother of pearl. Our carefully selected 3-pack is ideally suited for all days of the week. This package includes: Oxford stretch white, Royal oxford white and Dobby twill white. Note that the selected design is set for all three shirts. We can satisfy requests for diversification of collar and cuff on the different shirts. However, this must be clearly specified in the order listing at check-out. Our Essential collection is best described as your ‘go to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

Fabric quality 220g, Two fold cotton
Delivery time 5-6 weeks

365 garments

The garment works great to wear all year round, both stylistically and in terms of weave type.


The garment has a very wide and versatile characteristics which makes it perfect as a part of the basic wardrobe.


The garment consists of one of our most durable weaves.

Design options
Please choose your design

Button down
Hidden button down
Semi cutaway
3.2cm (low)
4.0cm (standard)
4.8cm (high)
Double hook
Double hook slanted
Double round
Single hook
Single round
Centre left
Inside collar
Right cuff
Left cuff
Dark blue
Light blue
Dark brown

Matching pocket square


Handsewn construction



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