Suit dark grey herringbone

Dark grey suit in a herringbone pattern that combines durability and luster in an excellent way from the weaving mill Vitale Barberis Canonico. The fabric has a gram weight of 360g and comes in a super 120's which makes the fabric a lovely drop. Our '365' qualities are especially suitable for year-round use and serve as a perfect suit in the basic wardrobe with a wide scope of use. Wear the suit with a plain color tie and shirt for a formal outfit. Alternatively with a knitted garment for a more casual look.

Fabric quality 100% wool Super 120's
Construction Sewn half canvas
Availability 365 (not limited)
Our recommended design: Button & lapel: 2 button peak, Lapels: Wide lapel, Pockets: Jet, Jacket shoulder: Unconstructed, Buttoning: Side adjusters (brass colored), Pleats: Single pleats, Hem: Cuff (4cm)

365 garments

The garment works great to wear all year round, both stylistically and in terms of weave type.


The garment has a very wide and versatile characteristics which makes it perfect as a part of the basic wardrobe.

Business garments

A garment / outfit with a bit more formal shape and style, which makes it perfect for both work and at business meetings.

I kollektionen: The Essential Collection

Design options
Please choose your design

2 button notch
2 button peak
2,5 button peak
2,5 buttons notch
6 button double breasted
Standard width
Wide lapel
Flap slanted
Flap slanted - with ticket pocket
Flap straight
Flap straight - with ticket pocket
Jet - with ticket pocket
Patch round
Belt loops
Clean - without belt loops
Side adjuster (metal colored)
Side adjusters (brass colored)
Clean without pleats
Double pleats
Single pleats
Cuff (3cm)
Cuff (4cm)
Cuff (5cm)
Straight finish
Collar (underneath)
Dark blue
Dark brown

Unlined jacket


Full canvas construction


Unconstructed jacket


Spalla camicia shoulder


Extra trouser


Add vest



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