Knitted garments selected 3-pack

Our 3-pack knitted garment with 3 selected favorites that form a good foundation for that wardrobe. Our knitted garments are made in Florence, Italy, and comes in a 16 gauge density. The quality is 100% merino wool and each garment is provided with a rib knit at the sleeve and garment finish. Our carefully selected 3-pack is ideally suited for all days of the week. This package includes: Polo shirt dark blue, Rollneck dark blue and Rollneck dark gray.

Fabric quality 100% washed merino wool
Availability 365
Delivery time 3-5 days

365 garments

The garment works great to wear all year round, both stylistically and in terms of weave type.


The garment has a very wide and versatile characteristics which makes it perfect as a part of the basic wardrobe.

Natural stretch

The weave type has properties that create a soft and flexible stretch feel in the garment.

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