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A fabric map with 28 specially selected fabric samples (7x7cm) for suits, shirts, jackets, pants and coats. The map is sent to you and contains an exclusive selection of fabrics that we hand picked to fit into a well-sorted base wardrobe - our favorite garments simply. In addition, the fabrics belong to our '365' department which means that they are available all year round and can easily be supplemented. The folder is perfect for those who are curious about our qualities, for those who want to build a good wardrobe with key pieces, or as an existing customer where you can complete the wardrobe from home. Folder value: You can 'exchange' the folder for a value of SEK 300 (discount added to your account when you buy a folder) when you place an order online. You can also pass on the leaflet to a friend who also receives a 300 SEK discount on a first order of our tailor made garments (suit, shirt, jacket, trousers, rock, jeans). For new customers, the discount applies both online and in our showroom. Use of the fabric samples and associated fabric codes: 1. Click on 'Design your garment' in our shop. 2. Choose the garment you are interested in creating 3. Design the garment and use the fabric code in the folder Read more about the fabrics in our folder.

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