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Made to measure 5-pocket in a heavyweight stretch cotton-quality selected for its versatility. The cotton weave is characterized by its durability and strength. Our 5-pockets are manufactured by hand in Veneto, Italy, the producer have a long tradition and legacy in producing jeans. Combined nicely with our sand polo shirt for a relaxed look. Wear it with an earth-tone jacket for a smart-casual approach. Our Essential collection is best described as your ‘go-to pieces’ or wardrobe staples. This does not mean the products and fabrics are any less exclusive, on the contrary – an exclusive fabric, to us, is one that truly serves a purpose and manages to withstand the test of time.

Weaver: Candiani
Kollektion The Essential Collection
Fabric quality 99% cotton och 1% elastane
Construction 3 by 1
Delivery time 5-6 weeks
Fabric code COL001

Care instruction: Don’t wash your 5-pockets more often than necessary. We recommend washing your trousers only when it is dirty. Use a steamer gently to remove wrinkles and odors.

Take care of your garment:

  • Wash your 5-pocket in the right temperature. We recommend maximum 30°C.
  • Let your jeans dry flat. We don’t recommend tumble drying.

For general guidance regarding garment care, make sure to read our article Clothing care here


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365 garments

The garment works great to wear all year round, both stylistically and in terms of weave type.


The garment has a very wide and versatile characteristics which makes it perfect as a part of the basic wardrobe.


The garment consists of one of our most durable weaves.

Natural stretch

The weave type has properties that create a soft and flexible stretch feel in the garment.
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