Wedding season, act two – What

Whimsical garden party. Beach formal. Summer elegant. If the hosts have done their homework, the wedding invitation will not stipulate a dress code that is impossible to decode.

Dress codes

Dress codes exist for one reason: To clarify and facilitate. The purpose is to convey what level of formality the bridal couple wants. Everyone should know what is expected of them, and not show up overdressed or underdressed in relation to the other guests.

In general, we talk about three main dress codes, tuxedo, dark suit, and jacket. (Unless you belong to the British royal family, of course, and wear morning coat and white tie every other week.). Although it may sound conservative and boring wearing a black tuxedo or a dark suit, that is far from it. You will, on the contrary, look elegant, confident and comfortable. Traits that will be needed from church to dancefloor.

Our strongest recommendation is to stick to two simple rules.

  • Rule number 1: Follow the requested dress code.
  • Rule number 2: Always follow rule number 1.

”But I’m an individual, how can I add my own twist”, you might think. Well, personal interpretation is a delicate matter. Obviously, you know the wishes of the bridal couple best, but in general, if there’s a dresscode – stick with it. Believe it or not, but there’s a way to add an individual twist, while still following the dress codes. We call it ‘understated luxury’, and it involves paying extra attention to design, fit and material. Coincidentally – this is what we do best for our clients. We find your personal look, needs and preferences and create that magical, understated luxury look for you. It’s not hard, it just requires a custom made approach.

Wedding weekend

If getting dressed for the wedding ceremony is one thing, attending a full wedding weekend is quite another. It will involve multiple events, formal and informal, possibly even sporty elements, each requiring a new set of fancy duds. You need to pack for the entire wedding weekend, not just the wedding day. With that in mind, plan your style itinerary.

Whatever form the wedding weekend takes, whether it takes place in a picturesque mountain village, at your relatives’ mansion on the English countryside, croquet lawn and tennis court and all, or turns out to be an alternative desert wedding Burning man-style, the packing needs careful consideration. Don’t just throw down pieces in your weekend bag in pure desperation. Consider options and plan every piece of your different outfits, from underwear to accessories. To give you a head start, we have put together these simple pointers.

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Friday cocktail

What to wear for a Friday cocktail in the most stylish way? The dress code will probably suggest jacket. On any given summer’s evening, colours such as taupe, tobacco, navy blue, different shades of grey, and olive green in all its nuances are great. Pair your jacket with pants in beige or off-white, and a crisp shirt. A white linen shirt is so versatile, and one of the best investments you can make.

The Wedding day

How to look sharp throughout the wedding? If you’ve followed the two rules we began with, you needn’t to worry. As long as your attire fits you perfectly, you will look your best. Remember to pack your bowtie (clip-on versions should be prohibited by law), should the dress code imply tuxedo.

If the dress code means you will be wearing a dark suit, don’t forget to pack a second shirt. As for ties, go with a toned down nuance and follow the structure of your suit. For example – wear a grenadine tie paired with a hopsack or Fresco suit, or if you are wearing a more lustrous suit fabric, go with a silk tie or structured silk blend. Also bring a napkin or two. Real men cry.

Sunday brunch

Attire for the post-wedding brunch? Showing up in a pair of tailored shorts at the laid-back brunch is definitely ok. Our suggestion, however, is a linen trouser paired with a cashmere & silk polo and a linen shirt. For more low-temperature occasions, choose a cotton twill chino trouser in darker tones. Remember, a proper cashmere sweater will serve as a warm hand for a tired body, understated luxury without overshining anyone.

If you think that look will be too casual, a linen jacket with a buttoned shirt worn with custom-made jeans will create a more semi-formal Sunday look. Do not forget bring your sunglasses, a necessity after a successful wedding party.

Irish linen jacket with cashmere & cotton knit and cotton, linen trouser