Wedding season, act four – Do’s not don’ts

In the stylescape of wedding guest attire and fashion faux pas, our famous last words to help you look your absolute best.

Just do it

Do learn how to tie your bowtie by hand.

Do make sure that your shoes are spick and span. Don’t polish them with your wedding attire already on …

Do select a high-quality tie in a sober colour scheme to match your suit/jacket. Don’t wear a white tie and stay away from too crazy patterns and motifs.

Do limit tech use. Don’t fill your pockets with a bulky wallet and a gigantic key chain. You’re a wedding guest, not a janitor.

Do drink much, water. Humidity levels both internal and external, must be carefully monitored. Don’t undress no matter how hot it is.

Do wear a pair of fine gauges knitted black three-quarter length socks. Don’t go barefeet in your shoes. Unless the wedding takes place on a tropical beach where barefeet is mandated.

Do appreciate how great you look. Don’t settle for less.

..and if you do feel insecure about your clothing choices. 

Do reach out and let us help.

Wedding season

What's your role?

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