Through cashmere sunsets and ceremonial decadence, part two of our Summer wardrobe focuses on the timeless, effortless elegance of the cashmere knits.

Cashmere sunsets & Ceremonial decadence

The Summer wardrobe, part two.

We explore some of our favourite designs and qualities. Naturally, summer is also the perfect season for some ‘Ceremonial decadence’, hence we guide you through the statement pieces such as the raw silk dinner jacket, but also hand our a few other pointers for your upcoming ceremonial escapades. Shall we begin?

Pure cashmere.

The epitome of all year round casual luxury.

Although cashmere knitwear might be considered a “winter staple” in some countries, the unique characteristics of fibre actually makes it a perfect to wear all year round. Pure cashmere might not be the first choice that comes to mind during daytime in summer, however depending on the weave and thickness of the yarn, it creates a perfect second layer for dropping temperatures during night or windy conditions on your friends yacht.

Our raglan (split shoulder) pure cashmere crewneck is the perfect choice for those occasions, as well as to be worn all year round. Best paired with our custom made chinos (or a light wash selvedge denim), and a linen shirt underneath for a true classic, understated luxury look. One of the best things about cashmere sweaters is the easy, effortless styling possibilities it offers. It looks great with almost any structured fabrics like denim, linen, cotton or silk.

Cashmere & cotton

Blended to perfection.

As written above, cashmere is by no means a fibre that wear well during colder temperatures. When cold, the fibre closes in the warmth, yet during warmer temperatures, cashmere fibres works the other way around, allowing it to be spun into a all year round fabric. The whole analogy is the same for all natural, high quality wool fabrics and might be easier to understand when considering that wool is a raw, precious material that (obviously) comes from the sheep or goats. And we’ve heard very few of them complaining about the sudden changes in weather.

That being said, we can of course create a more ‘adapted’ fabric by mixing materials in the process of turning fibre into fabric. The cashmere and cotton blend is a perfect example of that adaptation, leading into a fabric that is perfect for high summer knitwear, which can be used throughout the day.

Our cotton & cashmere selection is available in a curated selection of our single-ply knitwear models, including our crew neck, knitted t-shirt and buttonless polo’s. We find it works well both for casual days at the office, as well as for a range of vacational habits, ranging from slow days at la Plage Mala (Cap D’Ail) as well as an august day in Florence (although we don’t recommend going there until September).

The cotton and cashmere blends combines the light, airy and dressed down feeling of cotton, with the soft, elegant touch of the cashmere in a truly unique way.

Cashmere & silk

Heavenly soft.

There’s few (if any) fabrics that wears more elegant and soft to the skin like silk and cashmere. For warmer days, our single-ply blend of cashmere and silk is the perfect substitute for a dress shirt. When wearing tailoring as it pairs beautifully with both structured weaves and more delicate, refined ones. The cashmere and silk knitwear also pairs well with a casual, tailored trouser (like a wool/silk mix or a cotton/silk) when you simply want to add a refined touch.

To us, our custom made cashmere and silk knitwear programme offers the perfect ‘understated luxury’ look, with zero compromise on wearability and comfort.

It's called Dinner jacket, sire

Raw silk & beyond

Evening wear. 

There’s a unique allure to putting on a dinner jacket for a formal occasion during summer. Dress code ‘evening wear’ also holds a promise of a great night to come, to say the least. And while glancing at your well dressed friends is nice, what’s even better is putting on a custom made dinner jacket with the certainty and comfort that comes with it. This is perhaps the most important purpose of your evening wear. And even if it is only for a few times a year, it might be the most important piece of tailoring you will ever own, simply because it is worn through your most memorable moments.


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