The ‘Le Phare’ plage beige linen suit

With inspiration from our ‘Côte Atlantique’ Travels. The ‘Le Phare’ suit captivates everything we like about relaxed summer tailoring.

'Le Phare' plage beige linen suit with Stockholm back drop

The Story of 'Le Phare'

French Atlantique coast, august 2023.

It’s here, during our BLUGIALLO family Travelogue, amidst the charm of late-night dinners and red wine revelries, that the inspiration for ‘Le Phare’ evening linen suit was born. Much like the iconic lighthouses that stand guard along the rugged shores of Cap Ferret, this suit is our beacon in terms of relaxed summer vibes and easy breezy tailoring.


Cap Ferret, FR
Oliver & Mr. Tilgman, august 2023, Cap Ferret
Banks of Cap Ferret

The Inspiration & Design

Crafted with our Expressive Luxury take on tailoring, ‘Le Phare’ captivates our view of sustainable style and personal expression.

We think of it as relaxed sophistication with its unstructured build, natural shoulders and a contemporary cut made to be worn again, and again, and again. It is made from a mid weight, Italian linen fabric. The creasing being an important part of the beauty of a individually worn and patinated linen suit. It’s the kind of fabric that grows with each wear, and reflects a commitment to durability and beauty that matures over time.

Our house Signature cut w/ unconstructed shoulders and light canvas

Styling & Occasions

The true beauty of ‘Le Phare’ lies in its versatility. Whether you’re attending a formal event, spending time in the city or simply soaking up the Atlantique on holiday leisures – the suit moves with you, adapting to every setting. Plus, the fabric wears extremely well with the trouser or jacket on its own. We put together a few things we love ourselves when it comes to styling the ‘Le Phare’.

  • Relaxed sophistication – Pair it with cotton & cashmere knitwear. The softness of the fabrics complements the structured yet relaxed vibe of the linen, making it perfect for those breezy coastal evenings or a stylish rendezvous in the city.
  • Textures – Work with the same kind of texture of the linen fabric (which means a lot of texture). Wether it is a linen shirt or a heavy cashmere knit doesn’t matter. This goes all the way to choice accessories of course. A vintage scarf will do the job nicely, or a shantung silk tie.
  • City Bound – Paired with the linen jacket – our Sloane Ranger denims. Urban, laid back luxury as we know it.

'Le Phare' beige linen jacket styled separately