The fresco suit – a reason to love high twist wool

One of our most popular fabrics for suiting is the high twist wool, often referred to as ‘Fresco suit’. The high twist wool suit is a bit of an ‘eye opener’ for many of our new customers and our clients often love the unique characters of the fabric, such as the structure, drape, sturdiness and light feel of it. The characters of the high twist wool makes is very versatile.

Fresco is in fact the name of a particular high twist wool fabric from legendary mill Hardy Minnis. They are widely considered one of the finest yarns available for a suit. However, there are plenty of other high twist wool fabrics, such as the ‘Traveller’ from Loro Piana for example. But in this article we will focus on the hight twist wool suits we offer from the Hardy Minnis fabrics, namely the Fresco suit since it has a unique history and allure about it. We will also sort out some of the most common questions people often have about it.

High twist wool explained

As mentioned, high twist wool is a collective name for a fabric with a certain weave and structure to it. The cloth consists of strands of yarn that are woven extremely tight together, giving it very specific characteristics.

So, what makes the high twist wool stand out as a suit fabric?

  • Durability thanks to its tightly twisted yarns
  • Crease resistant making it perfect for business travels
  • Clean drape enhancing a formal cut
  • Light and comfortable feel because of the open weave
  • A matte, textured surface making it easy to break up in separates

Q&A about Fresco

The Fresco fabric often raises a number of questions from our customers which is why we created a short Q&A to answer the most common ones.

Yes, you can definitely wear a Fresco suit to a wedding. We deliver lots of Fresco suits both for groom, groomsmen and other guest. The structure and character of the fabric is both sturdy, with a fine structure that creates a super clean and comfortable drape. These characteristics are excellent for a weddings suit and a number of other occasions in fact. We also offer the Fresco fabric in two different weight options and a wide range of color choices, so it can be used both for high summer and occasions in fall & winter.

Yes. Although the Fresco fabric is considered a spring/summer fabric in many countries (this due to the light and airy open weave), many of our customers enjoy wearing it all year round – in Sweden especially. Although it has an open weave, you can still opt for a heavier cloth of 300g or above.

The Fresco suit is an excellent choice as a work uniform. The matte, textured surface makes it extremely versatile, but perhaps it looks best paired with white a royal oxford shirt, grenadine tie and a pair of black oxfords. If you’re looking to buy a Fresco suit for work solely, we would definitely choose a midnight blue tone, or a mid to dark gray Fresco suit. The durable, crease resistant weave of the Fresco is of course well adapted to the nature of business travel and therefore works extra well in those situations. However, always bear in mind that a wool suit always has to ‘rest’ in between wear.

The Fresco suit is an excellent example of a suit that is easy to break up and wear in separates. Because of the rich, matte texture of the weave, it works really well to wear a pair of Fresco trousers together with any structured shirt or knitwear piece that you have in your wardrobe. Our mid grey Fresco trousers is one of our most popular trousers and one that is extremely versatile to style.

Depending on the season and nature of the occasion, the Fresco suit can be worn in most colors. At Blugiallo, we offer the full range of color options for Fresco suit, from formal midnight blue and dark grey to lighter, earthy tones such as the light beige Fresco suit or green taupe colored Fresco suit.

Since the Fresco fabric is so versatile, there’s actually quite few limitations in how we can use it. We can create shirt jackets, bermuda shorts and other more relaxed soft jackets from the fabric.

High twist wool suit in hopsack fabric from Loro Piana