The fresco suit – a reason to love high twist wool

One of our most popular fabrics for suiting is the high twist wool, often referred to as ‘Fresco suit’. The high twist wool suit is a bit of an ‘eye opener’ for many of our new customers and our clients often love the unique characters of the fabric, such as the structure, drape, sturdiness and light feel of it. The unique characters of the high twist wool makes it very versatile.

High twist wool explained

As mentioned, high twist wool is a collective name for a fabric with a certain weave and structure to it. The cloth consists of strands of yarn that are woven extremely tight together, giving it very specific characteristics.

So, what makes the high twist wool stand out as a suit fabric?

  • Durability thanks to its tightly twisted yarns
  • Crease resistant making it perfect for business travels
  • Clean drape enhancing a formal cut
  • Light and comfortable feel because of the open weave
  • A matte, textured surface making it easy to break up in separates

Fresco wool jacket in dark olive

Hardy Minnis & the Fresco

Hardy Minnis is a British company that specializes in the production of high-quality woolen fabrics for use in tailored garments such as suits and sports coats. The company was founded in the 19th century and has a long history of producing high-quality woolen fabrics for the tailoring industry.

The range of fabrics typically range of woolen fabrics, including both traditional and modern styles and the ‘Fresco’ is by many considered their most famous contribution to the tailored fabric scene. The company’s fabrics are all through out made from high-quality wool and are known for their softness, drape, and durability. Hardy Minnis fabrics are therefore used by tailors and clothing manufacturers around the world to create custom garments of the highest quality and long-lasting style. The company is known for its attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality products, and its fabrics are widely regarded as some of the finest available for use in tailored garments.

What is Fresco and why is it so good for tailoring?

Fresco is in fact the name of a particular high twist wool fabric from legendary mill Hardy Minnis. They are widely considered one of the finest yarns available for a suit. However, there are plenty of other high twist wool fabrics, such as the ‘Traveller’ from Loro Piana for example. But in this segment, we will focus on the hight twist wool suits we offer from the Hardy Minnis fabrics, namely the Fresco suit since it has a unique history and allure to it.

Why is the Fresco fabric so good for tailoring?

As mentioned, Fresco fabric is made from a specific high-quality type of wool that is tightly twisted and spun, creating a smooth and lustrous surface. This tight weave gives Fresco fabric its characteristic lightweight and breathable properties, making it a comfortable fabric to wear in warm weather, but also as an allround suit fabric. Fresco fabric is also known for its crease resistance, meaning that it is less prone to wrinkling than other types of wool. This has led it to be specifically appealing to customers who wear suiting for business travel or like the idea of having “less maintenance” without losing the soft, natural high quality of their suit fabric.

In terms of tailoring, Fresco fabric is also a popular choice because of the beautiful drape it creates, and the natural, elegant appearance. It is also relatively easy to work with for the production and sewing, making it a good fabric to use in custom garments. Therefore, Fresco fabric is often used in high-end tailored garments, as it adds a level of luxury and refinement to the finished product that we, along with lots of customers love.

Overall, Fresco fabric is a perfect choice for tailored garments, especially suits, trousers and sports coats. Its high quality, crease resistance and elegant drape make it a particularly suitable fabric for your next custom made luxury piece.