The FRESCO Matter, Fog grey – A Piccolo Outfit Story

Timeless and classic – boring and formal. The grey suit bare many names and as many opinions. But then there is the matter of the Fresco suit. A fog grey, high twist wool lad. And well, then it becomes an entirely different story. As grey as London fog (or Stockholm in early spring), as magnificent this two piece suit becomes when you sprinkle a bit of contemporary tailoring pairings with it. So here it goes. The Fresco Matter, Fog grey – a Piccolo outfit story.

Act One: The Full Monty

Cue the unpredictable weather and scene of the Stockholm. A natural habitat all year round for the fog grey Fresco suit. Not too light, yet thick and sturdy enough to come out victorious against whatever is thrown at you. As versatile as the weather itself, yet we prefer a clear Londonesque vibe, where classic tailoring meet the undisturbed presence and expression of the British.

BLUGIALLO Signature Fresco suit in Fog grey

Act Two: The Trouser Narrative

Enter the Fresco trousers, paired effortless with a crisp shirt, perhaps your favourite oxford stripe, grandpa’s old ‘La Plage’ colored cashmere cardigan (given the holes in it is taken care of) and a Winemakers vest to top things off. Traditional without losing one’s threads of identity. The fresco trouser will pair with just about anything, that’s just how we like it.

The Fresco trouser in Fog grey, as worn in Stockholm, early Spring

Act Three: A Fog grey Jacket's Solo Act

Last but certainly not least, the jacket. If made correctly (according to BLUGIALLO tailoring theories), unconstructed – the Fresco jacket applies at most occasions. However, paired with Sloane Ranger denims, striped one piece collar shirt and grandpa’s pure cashmere cardigan (in this case one he picked up in Biarritz, half a century ago), you’re good. So good. Maybe add a cap if your hair isn’t in shape for the afternoon pint.

Custom made FRESCO jacket entering our home at Birger Jarlsgatan 2, Stockholm