Moleskin trousers and jacket guide

Winter is around the corner, and with temperatures dropping, the most common winter fabrics such as flannel and tweed might come to your mind as the obvious choices. Colder temperatures make us also think of heavier cloths that create the comfort and warmth that the season requires and moleskin is indeed a fantastic choice. With its brushed surface and sturdy feel, it’s definitely a competitor to flannel. Heavier cloths can come in different kinds of weaves and the brushed surface brings the cozy warm feel is what mostly characterizes the moleskin fabric. However, it is important to keep in mind that the way fabrics are woven, their luster, and their texture will determine the level of formality.

What is moleskin?

Moleskin is a fabric made from densely woven cotton, initially looped, then sheared which creates a short soft pile on the upper side. It has a matt and brushed surface and a sturdy feel. The fabric became very popular amongst British workers during the nineteenth century due to its insulating and windproof qualities of the fabric, but at the same time, it is highly breathable. It was commonly used in their workwear garments, most popular as a trouser. It is a truly underrated fabric, as it brings the perfect balance between casual wear and formal wear, making it perfect to wear during a day at the office, but also to be enjoyed on a Sunday stroll.

What garments are more popular when it comes to moleskin?

Moleskin, as we mentioned, is very popular when it comes to trousers. It is characteristic for having a high grammage and being rigid. However, it has a soft feel and appearance, with moderate luster and rich texture. Moleskin is the perfect cloth to make semi-formal to causal garments.

In our range of garments you can find moleskin as 2 different pieces:

  • Moleskin trouser
  • Moleskin utility jacket

If you are looking for a tailored look, you could also have the option of customizing a moleskin suit. In this case, it gives you the versatility as it is easy to be worn as separates but also as an informal suit. We would strongly suggest, that in the case of having a traditional moleskin jacket, really consider the construction of the jacket (preferred as unconstructed) as it is very heavy weight and stiff. You can read more about the different jacket constructions here.


Moleskin trousers

Moleskin trousers

As moleskin is made of cotton, it is one of the most common hypoallergenic materials. Trousers are in direct contact with the skin, and this material not only ensures an “itch-free” feel, but at the same time, a warm comfortable cozy feel. When it comes to styling a pair of moleskin trousers, as it is a rigid and rich texture fabric, can be treated as a “seasonal chino”. Depending on the occasion, can be easily dressed up or down.

  • For a semi-formal occasion: Wear your moleskin trousers for men with a shirt or knitwear, a pair of loafers, and a jacket. This will give a refined tailored approach.
  • For a casual approach: Combine the moleskin trousers with sneakers, knitwear or even t-shirt (if is indoors or the weather allows it) and an informal jacket or just an overcoat (outdoors). The perfect definition of a refined casual yet elegant look.

The men’s moleskin trousers is a truly versatile pair of trouser, a must if you already own a pair of flannel trousers, or the perfect wardrobe starter if you want to avoid a “tailored” feel and you are more of a chino guy.

Moleskin trousers mid brown

Moleskin jacket

When talking about the drape when it comes to moleskin, you will never find an elegant and soft drape, as it is completely the opposite. It is rigid and sturdy. Therefore a moleskin jacket is perhaps something completely different from what you have in your wardrobe today.

We associate these characteristics with a more informal approach and casual looks. It can be easily used in outerwear pieces. A great example is our moleskin utility jackets, since the fabric is windproof, and our informal jackets are always completely unconstructed. It is quite hard to use moleskin as an indoor piece because of its heavy weight. For that reason, some people might find it too heavy and stiff as a traditional jacket. However, If you love moleskin and would like to have a tailored approach, there is always the possibility of creating unusual but exceptional pieces with it.

As mentioned before, a moleskin suit is always an “eye-catcher”. As a recommendation, to make it easier to wear it indoors, we would recommend selecting the unlined upgrade and also the unconstructed construction to make the ‘break-in’ process of the fabric easier. Since it is an informal suit anyways due to the texture and surface the construction won’t be an issue.