Luxury fibres explained – Camel hair

The soft touch, the look, the ultra soft feel. Those are just a few things that add to the allure of the camel hair wool, making it one of a kind. The structured surface also places it in the intersection between formal and casual, making it easy to dress up and down, and to style both formal as well as more casually tailored. Tag along to learn more about camel hair and why we love this understated luxury fabric.

Introduction to Camel hair

Camel hair is a popular fabric choice for tailored overcoats and sports coats because it is soft, durable, and has a natural insulating properties, making it ideal for outerwear. We consider it one of the most luxurious fabrics available, both in terms of look and feel.

Another benefit of camel hair is its softness and comfort. The fibers of camel hair are much finer and softer than those of other types of wool (e.g. sheep or goat wool), making it an extremely comfortable and luxurious fabric to wear. Camel hair is also known for its durability and resistance to pilling (in contrary to what you might think). It actually makes it possible to wear more frequently and may be subject to wear and tear in a different way than say cashmere, which is a very delicate fabric. We never recommend our clients to over-use any fabric however, how ever stable it might be.

Camel hair also has natural insulating properties, which make it a good choice for outerwear like an overcoat. In fact, camel hair has a unique structure that traps air between the fibers, providing warmth without adding excess weight to the garment. This makes it a suitable fabric for garments like overcoats and sports coats, worn in colder weather or as an outer layer when transitioning into winter for example.

Highlights of Camel hair;

  • Unmatched, luxurious look and feel
  • High quality and versatile for usage in sports coats and overcoats
  • Soft and durable
  • Unique insulating properties
  • Can be used in extended periods through early fall, through winter and early spring

Color scheme

When speaking about the color scheme of camel hair, naturally, the first color that comes to mind is ‘camel’. This is in fact also the most common one, although the camel hair fibre can be found in a range of colors from light beige, taupe/grey to dark and reddish brown all the way to (almost) black. Since the fibre is generally dyed unbleached, the natural color scheme of the fibre is kept intact for the most part and the result is a beautiful, uniform color.

Black camel hair fabric

Baby Camel hair

Baby camel hair is a fine, soft, and lustrous fiber that is obtained from the undercoat of young camels. It is considered one of few ‘luxury fibers’ that can be mentioned alongside Baby cashmere, and Vicuña. It is a very rare and sought after fibre and naturally we only use it for the very best, high-end custom made clothing. It has an incredible softness to it that creates a truly unique experience to wear, compared to other fabrics. There is no mass production involved in the process of obtaining the fibre (as with none of the fabrics we use) and therefore the animals (in this case the camels) are extremely well taken care of.

Sports jacket in Baby camel hair

How to wear & style it

As mentioned, camel hair is a versatile fabric that can be used for a range of tailored looks. The main feature in terms of style is that the structured fabric gives you a casual, understated luxury look and feel. This means it goes well both in formal looks as well as a more casual approach to tailored garments.

A great combination for a casual approach on a camel hair blazer for example, is to wear it with a crisp white button-down shirt, a cashmere sweater and a pair of custom made denims. A camel hair blazer, due to it’s insulating properties, also serves as a great second (our outerwear) layer for early days of fall or spring.

While we love the casual approach to a camel hair blazer, it can just as easily be dressed up and worn to create an immaculate luxury look. Pair it with an off white dress trouser, a dress shirt or a silk and cashmere sweater and a suede loafer for a beautiful, understated luxury look.

As for other products, the camel hair is of course also perfect to use in tailored outerwear, especially our Urban Sports Coat. We also love to mix the exclusivity of the camel hair fibre with a more casual approach, which is why we created our shirt jacket in baby camel hair.

To summarize, the camel hair works really well for a range of products and situations;

  • A great fabric both for casual and more refined, formal tailored looks.
  • Works well for casual jackets, sports blazers and shirt jacket, yet also outerwear and formal overcoats.


Because we have a great deal of respect for the animal and the sustainable aspect of sourcing high quality fabrics. Plus, we never produce any garment in standard sizes, because custom made is simply better, both for you as a customer (in terms of having a unique size and garment produced uniquely according to your preference), as well as the sustainable aspect of a modern business within fashion. This is our vision which we never stray away from.

Yes. You can either schedule a digital consultation with us, or book a showroom time and we’ll help you create something truly unique.

We mainly use the very top, most renowned fabric suppliers for our camel and baby camel hair fabrics. Loro Piana and Piacenza are amongst our suppliers and by many considered the very best in terms of high quality, luxury fabrics.

Baby camel hair is a rare and specialized fiber that is only obtained from young camels using a specific technique. The process of collecting and preparing camel hair is also time and labor-intensive and requires specialized skills. The rarity, demand and specialized production process combined makes the camel hair an extremely prestigious and luxurious fibre.