Lookbook Collection 22.03

An introduction to the fall qualities

For our first collection of Fall & Winter ´22 we’ve chosen to put a lot of time into highlighting our new custom made knitwear. Fine cashmere, wool cashmere and cashmere silk blends form the base layers of a smooth outfit transition into colder weather. Our knitwear favourites, such as the Sestriere cashmere roll neck also provide the perfect subtle, casual luxury look that is significant for cashmere and cashmere silk qualities.

We have also updated our selection of beautiful, brushed seasonal flannels – ranging from oatmeal colored flannel, dark brown flannel and the contentious black flannel. A flannel suit is perhaps one of the most versatile garments for fall & winter, giving you the possibility of breaking the suit into separate jacket and trouser for a range of looks and occasions.

A third important quality we’ve chosen to work a lot with this fall is the moleskin (brushed cotton). The brushed surface of moleskin creates a look and feel that is similar to suede, although it works well for many different garments such as jackets, utility jackets, chinos or dress trousers. It is very versatile when it comes to styling and therefore moleskin is a must-have quality for someone looking to create a casual, yet tailored look.

Finally, we’re very excited to show you a first glance of our super luxurious Baby camel quality. Super soft and similar to cashmere with it’s naturally insulating characteristics creates a warm and comfortable feeling when wearing as a second layer this fall or winter.

Beauty is a mystery, you can either eat it nor make flannel out of it.

Oatmeal & Charcoal double breasted flannel jackets with 2-ply cashmere roll neck

They shall not stop with the flannel.

Les Moles, en coton.