Harris tweed – Exceptional pieces

We have a collection of carefully sourced fabrics and curated designs for the fall and winter seasons. For example, the exceptional Harris tweed fabric. The characteristics and luxurious quality of the garments are second to none. Simply put, they are extraordinary. Tag along when we geared up in our newcomers and headed for the countryside.

What is tweed?

Few cloths have the historic value as the heavy, sturdy icon from the British Isles, the tweed. Tweed is made from high-quality, pure virgin wool and is tightly woven and traditionally handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It is a place of rich history and culture, beautiful scenery, and vibrant communities.

To obtain the characteristic colorful pallet of the tweed fabric, you mix the dyed wool before it is spun, and you can usually find tweed with a plain weave, herringbone, or twill structure.

Tweed is an extremely durable fabric thanks to its water resistance and has, therefore, traditionally been worn in harsh weather conditions for many years. The tweed jacket for men deserves its place in the contemporary wardrobe and its characteristics open for a range of casual looks – for example, city strolling alongside its natural, countryside habitat.

Jacket Harris tweed brown

Tweed jackets for men

The tweed jacket is a great piece thanks to its matte fabric. The heavy cloth and its texture make it very versatile and easy to combine. Wear it together with a sand-colored flannel shirt and a pair of beige flannel trousers for a sophisticated look. Or if you prefer a more casual look, you can always go with a pair of denim jeans and a knitwear piece underneath.

Due to its weight, the tweed jacket is obviously a garment made for the colder seasons but if styled properly you can wear it in the transitional season as well. When the overcoat becomes too warm, the Harris Tweed jacket is the perfect outwear piece. Depending on how you style it, the Harris Tweed jacket works for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

The most obvious choice for a Harris Tweed is a classic jacket. As we have mentioned, it is easy to style with most denims and trousers. Knitwear and casual shirts are also great layering pieces due to the rich texture of the tweed fabric. A more casual approach to the Harris Tweed is the safari jacket. More about this in the following section.

Harris tweed jackets

The Harris Tweed safari jacket

A modern interpretation of Harris Tweed is to design it as a safari jacket. The Harris tweed safari jacket is designed with pleated patch pockets with a flap for a more casual approach. Unlike the classic Harris Tweed jacket, it is completely unconstructed which creates a nice and soft drape. The Harris Tweed fabric, combined with the safari design, creates an urban outwear piece perfect for layering during transitional seasons.

When to wear tweed

Traditionally men’s Harris Tweed jackets , and even suits, have been worn in the countryside. Due to the durability of the fabric, the garments were designated for hunting and sports. Over time the tweed garments successively got exchanged (by some) for more modern and technical fabrics while the occasions for wearing tweed increased.

We like to encourage you to wear your Harris Tweed jacket as an outwear piece during in-between seasons, or as a semi-formal option at the office. Even though a tweed jacket for men is still lovely to wear in the countryside we would definitely say it has found its way to the city as well.

Jacket Harris tweed green herringbone

Choosing the right cloth

Blugiallo offers a wide range of Harris Tweed options. Both in terms of colors and patterns. Embrace the rich history of the Harris Tweed fabric by choosing muted earthy tones like brown, beige, and green. Colors that you will also find in the nature on the countryside.

If you want to keep it classic, clean, and simple, but with a modern twist, we recommend the green herringbone. The herringbone structure gives some character to the jacket without compromising on versatility.

A bolder choice is choosing a patterned cloth. The brown checked Harris Tweed fabric is a great example of this. It is still the same muted earthy tones, but thanks to the checked pattern it creates a true statement piece in your wardrobe.

We are happy to discuss our full Harris Tweed assortment with you, please feel free to book a digital consultation here.

Jacket flannel beige brown houndstooth

Design options

As for all your custom made products from Blugiallo, you can design your mens tweed jacket just as you like it. Some design options may suit the tweed jacket better, but your preferences should always lead the way. Consider our recommendations as a guide, rather than rules.

The wide 2,5 notch lapel is our go-to for many jackets, the Harris Tweed jacket included. The soft roll of the lapel enhances the tailored feeling of the garment and increases the jacket’s versatility. Combine it with an unconstructed shoulder and you will get the perfect balance between British fabric and Italian expression. The patch round pocket is the most casual pocket, hence a great option for your Harris Tweed jacket. If you are going for a patterned fabric, you may consider the jet pocket. The jet pocket contributes to a cleaner expression, and you will let the fabric speak for itself.

Construction of the jacket

At Blugiallo we offer three types of constructions for jackets: half canvas, full canvas and unconstructed construction. When talking about canvas we refer to the jacket’s interior layer and its structure. In our case, the canvas consists of linen, cotton, and horsehair, three natural materials that breathe very well. Full canvas construction, half canvas construction, or unconstructed construction are all three incredibly nice options – your choice depends on your preferences and the use of the jacket.

We supply all our jackets, unless otherwise is decided, in a half canvas construction. When choosing your construction, keep in mind that the heavy weight of the Harris Tweed fabric contributes to structure in the garment. Therefor it is a great option to go for an unconstructed construction if you want to create a softer feeling and drape to your Harris Tweed jacket. If you want to enhance the structure and improve the shape, full canvas construction is the one to go for. Over time the canvas will shape itself after the wearer and contributes to a long-lasting garment.

A Harris Tweed jacket is certainly an exceptional piece for the modern man. Its rich history, combined with the durability and versatility contributes to garments that will last for decades (and even generations) to come. We are proud to be a part of this.