Five options for midnight blue suits

The midnight blue suit (e.g. a dark blue suit) is arguably the most important parts of a well curated, tailored wardrobe. Because of the wide variety of occasions that a midnight blue suit can be worn, ranging from weddings, parties and formal dinners, to business meetings and even funerals it is a true wardrobe staple. It is also the perfect garment to transition in to the promised land of made to measure suits if you are used to buying off the rack sizing prior.


Although a midnight blue suit may sound very straight forward in terms of color, the choice of fabric, design options and not least having the suit made to measure according to your unique preference makes all the difference. In this article we’ll highlight five of our favourite midnight blue suit fabrics, loved by ourselves and our clients. We’ll also highlight some of the important aspects of design, construction and measurements of a custom made suit.

Midnight blue twill suit

The midnight blue twill suit is probably one of the most sold suit fabric worldwide. A twill fabric creates an elegant, refined look synonymous with formal occasions. Depending on the fineness of the fabric – quality fabrics often measured in numbers ranging from Super 100’S to Super 150’s (although it can go as high as Super 220’S), the more lustre and the more delicate the fabric will be. If the suits is to be worn often, we usually recommend our clients a fabric in between Super 100’S to 130’S. But if you are looking for something a bit more special, our midnight blue Super 150’S twill suit is truly a statement of elegance and understated luxury. A midnight blue twill suit covers a range of formal occasions and as a weddings suit for example, it is simply amazing. To summarize;

  • Superfine surface with great lustre and soft touch
  • Wears perfectly in a range of formal situations
  • Slightly delicate but also extremely elegant
  • Is recommended to wear as a full suit and not to break up in separate jacket and trouser due to the nature of the fabric

Midnight blue plain weave suit

This is a great option for what we call ‘Entry level suiting’ or Essentials. The plain weave fabric is a combination of a classic elegant suit fabric and also has a degree of texture and durability. The combination makes it perfect as a wardrobe staple piece. A midnight blue plain weave suit can be worn in almost any situation and has the benefit of not “sticking out” too much. The surface makes it possible to wear as a separate jacket, although more on the formal side in terms of outfits. Some of the other key aspects of the plain weave suit are;

  • Slightly brushed surface that works well in a range of situations
  • A durable weave
  • Great ‘everyday’ allround suit for a variety of situations

Midnight blue hopsack high twist wool suit

The combination of hopsack and high twist wool actually unites two of our most appreciated fabrics or weaves. The hopsack, known for its structured surface is a highly appreciated fabric for our clients seeking a suit that can be split into separate jacket and trouser. Therefore, it is often found in a variety of colors as it is extremely versatile. The high twist wool, similarly to the hopsack, is a technique where you twist the yarns in order to create a truly unique fabric, with remarkable characteristics such as a beautiful matte structure and an extremely durable, light feel. To learn more about high twist wool (also known as Fresco suit), you can read a whole article about it here.

Because of the unique characteristics, our midnight blue hopsack traveller suit is one of our most sold suits. It attracts clients seeking the optimal business traveller suit as well as the ones who look for an understated luxury wedding suit. Key characteristics of the hopsack traveller suit involve;

  • Highly durable and crease resistant
  • Light and comfortable feel thanks to the open weave structure
  • Matte, structured fabric that incredibly well as an odd trouser or jacket
  • Less lustre and formality than a twill weave


Midnight blue flannel suit

One of the most important aspects of the midnight blue suit is the fact that it never goes out of style. A midnight blue flannel suit is no exception, as it is a timeless classic. Flannel fabrics are spun loosely and woven in a twill weave which gives it the unique character and soft, brushed surface. Flannels are typically made from 100% wool (or very slight blends), but can range from sturdy british wool to ultra-soft Australian merino or even cashmere wool. It’s softness, comfortability and warmth is unmatched and therefore incredibly popular amongst Blugiallo clients that experience all four seasons in terms of weather, and who are looking for the perfect suit for fall/winter/early spring.

The brushed surface of the flannel makes it a perfect piece to wear in a range of situations. The midnight blue flannel suit can be worn both for work, dinners, parties or most other formal occasions. It is also a perfect fabric to break up and use as separate trouser or jacket with more casual outfits. Overall, the midnight blue flannel has some truly unique features;

  • Soft and comfortable with insulating properties
  • Durable, timeless and less prone to wrinkling
  • Offers great versatility in terms of usage
  • Wears best September to April (if you live in a 4 season climate)


Midnight blue herringbone suit

The herringbone pattern is a classic fabric and weave type, often synonymous with traditional menswear and tailoring. The fabric is often spun in wool and wool blends and the usage has typically been for business settings and formal occasions. The herringbone pattern can be very distinct and is usually made in darker shades like grey, charcoal and dark blue. A midnight blue herringbone suit will provide an elegant, subtle luxurious formal look as the pattern is less visible than for example a grey herringbone suit.
  • Wears perfectly in business settings, weddings and other formal events
  • Pairs best with a crisp white shirt and tie
  • Unique texture, appearance and lustre

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