Dad cap

The dad cap is back and we hope it’s here to stay. We just love how you with some creativity can make any outfit more playful and casual by adding a dad cap, in your favorite color of choice, to it. With this article we hope to introduce you to the dad cap and inspire you to wear it in the best of ways.

What is a Dad cap

The dad cap is originally a spin-off from the classic baseball cap, with small details differing. For example, the front lining of the dad cap is unconstructed which makes the silhouette of the cap relate more to the silhouette of the wearer’s head. A classic baseball cap instead has a constructed front lining, which does make for a different fit. The original idea for a baseball cap was invented as early as in the 1860’s to keep the sun out of some of the very first baseball player’s eyes during games. The dad cap was instead more of an aesthetic spin-off referring to the difference in fit. While the baseball cap filled an important purpose in the sport of baseball, the dad cap would later come around to fill an even more important purpose in the world of fashion and style – at least that’s what we think. The dad cap became a trend during the 1990’s in America through celebrities such as artists, actors and athletes wearing it while on television. This created a huge wave of dad cap-wearers strolling around the streets of Manhattan influencing more and more fashionable people to get engaged in the new casual yet sharp look.

However, during the 00’s the dad cap disappeared from the worldwide fashion scene and didn’t seem to make a return until 2016 when it was re-introduced in basically the same manner as when it was first introduced in the 90’s. Since then, the dad cap has been an interesting and trendy, yet stable piece of the menswear wardrobe. An accessory that can transform outfits from solely pure elegance to pure elegance with creative playfulness. Check out all of our caps here.

How to style a dad cap

As mentioned earlier, the dad cap makes for a creative and self-expressing detail to your outfit – whether it’s for the office or for the weekend. One should keep in mind that styling with a cap isn’t always straight forward for everyone. There are certainly conservative elements in the menswear world that would opt for a look without the dad cap. That is because it basically doesn’t live up to the formal demands of a tailored suit or jacket, however this is where we think creativity comes in. Laborating with the unconstructed and casual silhouette of the dad cap combined with a fine unconstructed jacket together with a pair of heavy cotton chinos and simple Penny loafers will make for a confident yet playful look. If dressing up opt for a classic white Royal Oxford Shirt underneath the jacket. If dressing down instead opt for a knitted crewneck in taupe merinowool. The choice of color is another point where creativity comes in, however going for a navy choice with the casual Blugiallo emblem dad cap will always be a classic.


The optimal color for a dad cap?

While there are many great colors for a dad cap, the most important question to answer is how your style should be interpreted. If you seek for a more flamboyant and extrovert style with strong contrasts – then a dad cap with a more outstanding color will fit. Perhaps go for a yellow dad cap. However, if you seek a more clean and minimalistic style it will be important to integrate the color of the dad cap with the rest of the tone of your outfit. Hence why a subtle blue or green option would suit the best. Another interesting option for the style conscious man is to go for the vintage look. This incorporates best with a dad cap in a slightly washed-out color which makes for a nice little wink back to the American style of the late 20th century. In this case the color matters less since the main point of the cap are the slight signs of usage which makes a nicer contrast and a more fluid tone-in-tone factor. And while on the way to the beach we’d say any color goes – navy, yellow or green dad cap. Pair it up with a relaxed linen shirt and you’re good to go!