When people buy firewood - you buy cashmere

Why? Because it is warm, fuzzy, sustainable – and you do it once. You’ll also enhance that suave look about you. Now go on, discover which package suits you best and join in on the chance to win your favorite.

Rich but cheap

You like quality, but you are conscious. If there’s an opening to make “a good deal” you are all ears. And that spreadsheet of yours might look dull, but in fact, everyone else are fools. Sit back and relax in your 2x wool/cashmere zip. It’s not pure cashmere, but it has the same heating ROI – BIIIINGO!

Heating ROI this winter: Excel proof.

Suburban parenthood

Big house – lot’s of heating. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep the heating to a minimum, as well as looking so comfy that your partner will want to extend the family. All you and your partner need to do is to slide into a pair of long-fiber cashmere socks and our 4-ply ‘Sestriere’ roll neck. The kids? They keep warm by running around, people told us. You can also hide them inside our cashmere polo, like a baby roo’.

Heating ROI this winter: All Christmas gifts this year will basically be “free”.

Urban outdoorer

We love Patagonia – don’t get us wrong, they’re amazing. But sometimes, letting the outdoors be the outdoors can be beneficial, to everyone. Which is why we made this fantastic 2-ply cashmere vest. No bullshit, no logo. Keeps your vitals warm and healthy, all the while lowering the energy consumption of your body and the design let you move freely, like a 90’s broker.

Heating ROI this winter: Like when you joined the Gamestop race…

The DINK deal

Although costs are usually no problem for you DINKs – you’d rather spend your filthy high double income on white truffle rather than heating, right? Understood. That is why you invest in a 4-ply Sestriere cashmere polo each, and add a pair of pure cashmere rib socks. Now go on, get back to reading your glossy magazine, and dream on about all the things you are going to do, while you still can…

Heating ROI this winter: Who needs to dine at home?

Lonely but warm

Netflix without the chill part. Lighting up a fireplace seems unnecessary to you, and you are right. Because all you need this winter is your BG cashmere set including a turtleneck, scarf, beanie, and socks. The best part? They’re softer than a partner’s touch (you think…).

Heating ROI this winter: No need to share Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime accounts anymore.

Tech entrepreneur dreams

You’re not a tech-billionaire, yet. But you’re on the mooove, you’re going places! And for that reason, you need sporty clothes, apparently. We’re not going to stand in your way, but rather help you on your path. Because every cent counts, and with a pure cashmere hoodie, cashmere socks and a BG cap on top – your energy consumption is at a minimum, allowing you to focus on that next Spotify of yours. The best part? Look tech savvy af while doing so.

Heating ROI this winter: Tickets to Austin, TX are free.

Package ROI Overview

Need a better overview to compare from? Look no further. All data is "goofproof" according to our CTO and reviewed by energy consumptions professionals. They are also Blugiallo customers, and did get paid in clothing. But thats beside the point.

Package perks
Rich but cheap
1 month
Zip up if you have a hickey
Suburban parenthood
2 months
Jeans compatible
Urban outdoorer
2 months
Patagonia overlord
The DINK deal
2,5 months
Oversized cashmere is a girls best friend
Lonely but warm
1,5 months
Feels like a warm hug
Tech entrepreneur dreams
3 months
Enhances sweatpants

Le Blugiallo cashmere

You want to read this

All of our knitwear including our cashmere qualities are:

  • Made from the finest cashmere yarn on the market, found in inner Mongolia and responsibly sourced through legendary cashmere maker Cariaggi.
  • Designed, tested and refined in Stockholm.
  • Produced in a small, family owned facility in Italy.
  • Made using 3D knitting. A process that creates a beautiful, seamless construction and leaves ZERO waste. This is a BIG deal when talking about sustainability.
  • Custom made according to your own measurements and preferences – as always.



Of course not. And we tell our male customers  – since a single cashmere piece left alone is at high risk of being hijacked by a female peer – always buy two. All our clothes are however custom made, meaning that we require your measurements. But that can easily be obtained within 30 seconds here.

Yes, here you find our Gift Card. If you create a measurement profile for your loved one, you can even order a custom made garment directly for them (delivery time 5 weeks), or you let them meet us digitally or visit us in our Stockholm showroom.

Yes, you are most welcome to pop by our showroom at Artillerigatan 6, in Stockholm. If you’d like a longer introduction, we recommend that you schedule a consultation through this link otherwise we’re always ready, with an espresso in hand, to guide you through our cashmere wonderland.

The best thing there is. But for a deeper understanding of why, we recommend this article on our journal.