LookBook FW'23

OPX Partners at Blugiallo – Book a time

Book your exclusive time slot in the BLUGIALLO showroom at Artillerigatan 6, so we can get to know you and your clothing preferences. Available times below.


15% off for orders above 9000kr

10% off for orders below 9000kr

Dates: November 13–19

After Work – Get to know us.

You’re invited to an exclusive OPX Partners After Work in the BLUGIALLO showroom. Enjoy a cold beverage in the company of your colleagues while you get to know our brand and products.

When? Thursday November 16 at 6pm

Where? Blugiallo Showroom, Artillerigatan 6

Who we are

BLUGIALLO is founded on the basis that we are all individuals, carrying our own personal brand unified with the ones we surround ourselves with. We’re devoted to the art of ‘Expressive luxury’. We design contemporary, seasonal transcending tailoring and essential wear for sustainable likeminds.

How our service works

During a consultation, we’ll create your BLUGIALLO measurement profiles (covering our full range of products), and guide you through the fabric selection and design options. But above all, we will learn more about who you are, and what you like to wear in order to cater perfectly. Since all products are uniquely produced for you, the delivery time is 5-6 weeks.

What products we offer (men’s & women’s wear)

From jeans, chinos and tailored trousers to suiting, shirts, jackets, overcoats and our amazing knitwear. Every quality meticulously sourced and produced custom made for you.