June 17, 2018

Soft tailored summer styles

Summer is all about airy linen shirts, high twist tropical wools and unconstructed silky soft blazers. Soft materials combined with lightweight fabrics is key to remain comfortable and tailored at the same time.

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LinusLomander_Blugiallo-7 (1) LinusLomander_Blugiallo-14 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-19 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-23 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-34 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-38 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-43 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-45 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-50 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-58 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-69 LinusLomander_Blugiallo-74

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