April 12, 2018

An unconstructed blazer

The fabric and construction is what forms the foundation of your garment. In many ways it is also (together with the production technique and craftsmanship) what determines the quality of the product. For a suit jacket or blazer, the construction is hugely important, not only for the quality but also the look and feel of your garment. A suit jacket is generally used in more formal occasions than the 'odd blazer' and therefore you also want to work the right construction for the occasion or use.

When it comes to the blazer or odd jacket we often refer to the unconstructed make. What it means is that your jacket has a minimal, light layer of canvas which is placed only at the shoulders of your jacket. This gives you a jacket that is extremely light, comfortable and casual to wear. At the same time, with no canvas on the chest and front part of your jacket (as opposed to the suit jacket that need this for the formal look) the fabric can come alive and flow free in an absolutely beautiful way. This is a perfect match for more casual fabrics and blends such as wool, silk, linen and even cashmere and therefore the unconstructed make is always a standard for a Blugiallo blazer.

To us, the unconstructed blazer is the ultimate mix of soft tailoring, casual elegance and it holds a key place in a modern tailored wardrobe.

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