• With our FW´17 sale in full flight, we would like to take the occasion to inspire you and introduce a couple of thoughtful considerations so you know what to opt for. We always recommend our customers to consider the type of situation and different occasions a certain garment is to be worn at. In other words, make sure you know why you purchase a certain product. And if you feel uncertain - Let us help, it's what we love to do.

    Structured jacket & soft tweed trouser

    One of our top recommendations for this seasons FW'17 sale is the odd jacket and a pair of trousers to go with it. For the jacket, we recommend to choose a weave with lots of structure - this will help you create a more casual (e.g. 'soft tailored') look. In terms of design, a patch pocket is always a good choice and we prefer the '2,5 button' option which will give your lapel a more luxurious volume and roll. Opting for this will create a jacket that works well with a range of shirts and trouser such as cotton, wool, flannel or even jeans trousers.

    _S7A7820 (1)


    For the trousers, we recommend a 'soft tweed' fabric from famous Italian weavers Loro Piana. This is truly a unique type of fabric combining a beautiful structure with an amazing soft feel. Don't let the name confuse you, as Italian "tweed" is something completely different from it's British original counterpart. The soft tweed is closer to a flannel in comparison (both in weight and feel), although is doesn't have the same brushed surface. If you like flannel - you will love soft tweed! The fabric has a beautiful structure and therefore it works great as a odd trouser. For the design, we suggest single pleats, a clean waistband with side-adjusters and a 4cm turn up to finish it off.




    'Stockholm' blue lambswool jacket - Shop
    'Bologna' beige soft tweed trouser - Shop

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  • January 15, 2018

    The soft tailored look

    We often refer to a 'soft tailored' look, meaning the combination of a garment that combines traditional craftsmanship with softer, often more casual weaves or materials that makes the garments super comfortable and tailored at the same time. The outfit can be worn at a wide range of situations and should ideally be easy to combine in terms of color and pattern. Weather you prefer sneakers or brogues - the soft tailored look is here to stay. We believe it's a modern tailored look for the modern tailored man.








    'Bologna' Popover piquet shirt - Shop
    'Amsterdam' Oxford shirt - Shop
    'Bologna' brown cotton trouser - Shop
    'Amsterdam' grey traveller trouser - Shop
    'Amsterdam' blue birdseye jacket - Shop

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  • Few things states timeless elegance as well as a tuxedo. With the New Year approaching, and the Tuxedo being the obvious choice for the evening, we thought we should should provide you with some inspiration. And as always, remember - no cheating with the bowtie. Unless you're underaged, you tie it yourself.







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  • The denim chambray shirt is one of the most versatile casual shirt fabrics you can own. Wear it with a tie for a more 'formal sport' look or by it self with or without a jacket for a casual look. Color wise it also adapts well with both dark and lighter patterns making it a wardrobe cornerstone to be worn all year around.





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  • November 30, 2017

    Soft tailored holiday wear






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  • November 20, 2017

    Smart casuals








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  • October 28, 2017

    Weekend getaway - part three

    A Fall'17 story shot amongst friends - Part Three.






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  • October 21, 2017

    Weekend getaway - part two

    A Fall'17 story shot amongst friends - Part Two.
    Our interpretation of "O Jogo Bonito" - The beautiful game.


    Natural stretch flannel shirt and trouser combined with Alpaca-waistcoat. Natural stretch flannel shirt and trouser combined with Alpaca-waistcoat.

    Flannels. Flannels.


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  • October 14, 2017

    Weekend getaway - part one

    A Fall'17 story shot amongst friends.

    _S7A6644 (1)

    _S7A6756 Baby camel/wool jacket in a beautiful Loro Piana fabric.

    _S7A6715 VBC-flannel trouser with natural stretch and overcoat with soft "knit feel" wool fabric from Loro Piana.



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  • July 12, 2017

    The Giro Inglese shirt

    With it's beautiful structure, natural stretch and open weave, the 'Giro Inglese' shirt is a Blugiallo favourite. We prefer to wear it on casual and semi-formal summer occasions depending on the design. The structure of the Giro Inglese makes it easy to combine with a number of different trousers or jacket weaves including jeans, cotton trousers and structured weaves such as panama or birdseye.




    _S7A6311 (1)


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