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05 February, 2021

It is a special feeling to put on a made-to-measure garment, uniquely produced for you for the first time. And when you try it it isn’t always easy to know exactly how it’s supposed to look and feel. In fact the look and feel can vary quite a lot depending on the choices you’ve made in terms of fit, construction and fabric. To guide you we’ve written down some things that are good to have in mind when you try your new Blugiallo garment. 

What’s made-to-measure? 

First of all, since made-to-measure (MTM) is quite an ambiguous term, different brands can offer different types of service within this terminology, so we need to define what it means to us.


In our measurement process (weather it is done Online or via or Showrooms) we pay great attention to the details. Using a ‘base pattern’ (a standard size if you will) we’ll create a unique pattern for every customer. We’ll adjust measurements related to posture, circumference and length, in total about 45 different measurements for a suit as an example. This process gives us the opportunity to create garments with a fit that ready-to-wear products (standard sizes found of the shelf) can’t match. And this is the first rule of expectation – we’ll always deliver a fit that is superior to one found in a ready-to wear garment.

It is important to keep in mind that the result or fit of a made-to measure garment will always reflect your own body type, the construction of the garment and the fabrics you’ve chosen. Made-to-measure isn’t the same as Bespoke Tailoring, where a new pattern is created based on the customer’s body measurements. Even though we create a fit superior to ready-to-wear, there are limits and affects as mentioned above that will determine the ende result (this also goes for bespoke tailoring although there are a few more possibilities to utilize). 


The design part is also central to MTM and allows you to enhance certain features of a garment with the type of design you choose. For example, to highlight a more casual approach to a tailored jacket, you might choose patch pockets, instead of a classic flap pocket which is typically a standard design for a formal suit. The design is a delicate matter which the team at Blugiallo always tries to work closely with the customer in order to adapt to each individuals needs and preferences.

Benefits of Blugiallo

We often talk about the benefits of made-to measure, but actually there are also a lot of other things that contribute to the value as a Blugiallo customer. Therefore we’ve also listed some of the things our customers highlight themselves (according to our customer survey in late 2020) as the benefits of Blugiallo:


  • Better and more sustainable clothing choices, since they are based on personal needs and preferences rather than trying to find “the next best thing” in a retail store
  • High quality and craftsmanship in all products
  • Convenient and effective online platform as measurements and preferences are saved to your online account and future garments can be designed and ordered directly online
  • Unpretentious, personal service from the Blugiallo team (online as well as in Showrooms)
  • Ability to translate knowledge of fabrics, constructions etc. in to understandable terms and personal recommendations for the customer
  • Great value for money compared to off the rack products

Benefits of Made to Measure in general

  • Better fit than ready-to-wear
  • Ability to adjust the design according to your preferences
  • The special feeling of wearing something that’s uniquely produced for you 

The first fitting 

Moving on, we’ve summarized some of the things we always highlight prior to the delivery of your first Blugiallo garments. And the first step when you receive your Blugiallo order is to do a fitting. We offer both digital fittings and fittings in our showrooms.

The fitting is a great opportunity to discuss your fit and garment together with one of our experts. We’ll explain the steps we’ve taken to create the garment you’re wearing and we’ll discuss if we want to do any alterations. Our aim is to find the right fit from the start, but sometimes minor alterations are necessary. The most common ones are small adjustments regarding sleeve and trouser length and they can be made by our in-house tailors or with a local tailor of your choice. For a full read on our policy and “fit guarantee”, please see the link.


What’s important to keep in mind is that all garments get better after they’ve been worn a couple of times. Over time the fabric gets softer and the garment will adapt to the wearer. We also use natural materials in our canvas, such as horsehair, linen and wool that also benefits the use over time. Wearing the new garment in your everyday life also gives you the opportunity to reflect on fit and feel. Sometimes it’s hard to give an honest opinion when standing in front of a mirror. Your reflections will also help us to develop your fit profile for future orders if necessary. 


If you’re new to made-to-measure the fit of your new garment might be a bit different from the clothes already hanging in your closet. If you feel unaccustomed to the fit, we recommend you wear the garment a couple of times before we do any adjustments. It may take some time before you get used to, and eventually love your new fit. 

Our thoughts on fit 

Since all of our products, except knitwear, are made-to-measure and created uniquely for every customer we don’t have any standard fits. The simple explanation is that our passion lies in delivering the superior feeling gained from a custom made wardrobe which can only be achieved with made-to-measure. Although made-to-measure offers a range possibilities in terms of fit, all of our customers appreciate and trusts our expertise and input on their fit. The results means that many of our clients go for what we refer to as “The Blugiallo cut”.


The typical Blugiallo fit tends to be inspired by a more classic tailoring made for the contemporary lifestyle. By taking one or two steps away from the slim fit trend that has dominated the past 15 years we create a more elegant and comfortable fit. With a bit more generous fit you’ll also create a beautiful drape, and you lower the risk to tear the fabric too fast. The influences from the classic cut gives you room to move around and live your everyday life in your garment, without stretching the fabric to its limits. 


Although we might have a preferred cut, we always take the customers preferences in consideration. If you prefer a slightly slimmer or wider fit, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. These preferences are always discussed prior to your first order, in the showrooms with our staff, and online (chosen) through our Online Tailoring process. It’s important to remember these as they reflect the end result. 


You can always expect a better fit than RTW garments and we always deliver on this promise. With that being said, and as mentioned above – the fit and drape of the garment is individual and depends on various things such as body type, choice of construction and fabric attributes. An expectation based on “100% crease-free drape and millimeter precision” is therefore not always the best way to approach madetomeasure tailoringmaybe not even Bespoke Tailoring. At the end of the day, we’re working with beautiful, live materials which are meant to be worn and used in everyday motions. 

Garment care 

It’s important to take care of your clothes to make them last as long as possible. Even though we only work with high quality fabrics you will wear and tear your garments over time. One thing to have in mind is to make sure that you let your garments rest. Hang your garment on a proper hanger when you come home from the office and don’t use it two days in a row. This will increase the lifespan of your clothes. If you have garments that’s made of wool our recommendation is to keep the dry cleaning to a minimumThe dry-cleaning process can damage the fibers in the fabric. Try to remove stains and creases with a steamer and air your garments to get rid of odors. To summarize:


  • Don’t use your clothes too often, let the natural fibres and material rest in between usage
  • Use a proper hanger for all your clothes
  • Keep dry cleaning to a minimum as this will dry out the natural substances of the wool making it loose lustre and resistance
  • Use a steamer, clothing brushes from natural fibers together with a soft towel to remove stains

If you’re looking for more tips, please read our guide on garment care here.



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