Editorial part 2 – Menaggio & Tremezzo

22 October, 2019

Menaggio and Tremezzo, two villages on the west side of Lake Como. A perfect base whether you want to sit and lie with friends all day or make day trips to one of the other beautiful places around the lake. Andiamo!

Soft tailoring albergo

La Darsena

Family-run boutique hotel with small cozy rooms and the west side’s most cozy veranda (the grandest one goes further down), where chances are you will be sitting all day. The hotel also has a fantastic kitchen with a really good restaurant and wine cellar.
If you are interested in the hotel’s history, you can take a couple of espressos with the owner son Giuliano. A new generation of Italians who dare to move beyond their mother’s pasta and outside the country. Among other things, we got a deep dive into Giuliano’s previous career as a professional surfer.
Darsena is everything you love about Italy – friendly, family-friendly, inviting and unconstrained with a sense of quality and service.

Three others on Como’s west side

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Timeless luxury feeling with impeccable service. Standard room for the price of a better unconstructed jacket. Our recommendation is to spend the money on the blazer, throw it on and instead of spending the night running lunch or dinner on the best porch on Lake Como.

Villa Balbianello – Located on a peninsula with fantastic views and outstanding scenery. Home to scenes in, among others, Star Wars and Casino Royale.

Mario – Former shooter king in Como’s Series C team (unverified) – now, part taxi driver with appetite for life and all that it entails. Drive peacefully and safely on the crooked roads between restaurant and hotel, while delivering anecdotes that make the mother-in-law faint.

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