Clothes and sustainability

30 January, 2019

At Blugiallo we have built our business model and concept around clothing and sustainability as it benefits both us as a company and you as a customer. Sustainability is obviously about what and how we produce, but also about quality and personal service. Producing garments ‘on-demand’ means that we can cut costs such as design, purchasing and inventory. Instead, we can invest in offering a better product and more personalized service.

As a Blugiallo customer, sustainability is also a natural component. It is natural because you as a customer buy your clothes based on your own needs and preferences, both in terms of dimensions and style. This creates a long-term view, which means that the garments are often better combined with your existing wardrobe and thus also more used. For us, the future of clothing consumption is already here – it is qualitative, personal, uniquely tailored and delivered by Blugiallo. If you are interested in knowing how to think about building a sustainable wardrobe, you will find more articles here.

What can quality mean for sustainability?

The quality aspect of our garments is central and it is first and foremost important to understand what we mean by quality. A Blugiallo garment is adapted in some cases to over 40 measuring points to fit your unique body shape and posture. It means a new experience for those who have not tested it before. Add to that that we work with a traditional craft of consistently high standards in the production phase and with fabrics from the world’s leading weavers. You can read more about the quality of our designs here. If you combine these parameters, most people understand that even if you can buy two mass-produced garments for the price of a Blugiallo garment – it is neither better for the wallet nor for the long-term sustainability. Quality in terms of dimensions, fabric, production and design is what will create long-term sustainability.


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